30 interesting things about adult movies that you probably didn't know!

30 interesting things about adult movies that you probably didn't know!
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Although we don't readily admit this fact, 99.9% of us watch porn movies. For this reason, the porn industry is gigantic. This list will help you understand the basic structure of the porn industry:
1. The sex industry is the most profitable industry in the world. These include escorts, strip clubs and pornography.
2. 13,000 porn films are produced every year. These films bring in a profit of about 13 billion dollars.
3. The total earnings from porn are higher than the earnings from sports and TV shows combined.
4. 30 million people are watching porn right now on veuxtube.com
5. The most popular search keyword on Google is "teenage porn".
6. In North Korea, watching porn is punishable by death.
7. 50% of the entire internet is made up of pornographic or porn-related content.
8. According to research conducted at the College of Montreal, most boys start watching porn at the age of 10.
9. The number of daily searches related to pornography in the USA is 68 million. It consists of 25% of all Google searches.
10. Male actors earn less money than female actresses. However, the situation is different for male actors who have taken part in gay porn. These actors earn three times more than other actors.
11. Most porn film productions are made in the USA, followed by Germany.
12. More precisely, a porn film is created every 39 minutes in the States.
13. 20% of men who work in the industry admitted that they watched pornographic content at work. However, it is believed that the percentage is higher in reality. It is known that access to pornography Blonde escorts London reaches its peak during working hours.
14. Most porn films contain violence against women. In a study, 304 pornographic scenes were analyzed, of which 88.2% contained physical violence (slapping, handcuffs and spanking), while 48.7% presented verbal aggression (primarily insults). The perpetrators of verbal or physical violence were mainly directed by men towards female targets.
15. The majority (88.2%) of the highest-ranking porn films include violence by the male actor.
16. Although it's hard to believe, men focus on women's girls when they watch porn.
17. In England, daily traffic to porn websites is more than social networks, shopping websites and games combined.
18. According to research, most teenagers learn about sex from watching porn videos.
19. Research shows that most women also watch porn movies. However, the number is not as high as the male audience.
20. It is believed that 10% of adults have an addiction to watching porn movies.
21. In a recent study conducted at the College of Montreal, it was discovered that all men watch porn movies.
The research aimed to group the subjects as viewers and non-viewers of porn, but they could not find any non-watchers for the research. For this reason, this study had to be cancelled.
22. Lots and lots of people have porn movies on their smartphones, which I think can help make a boring commute to the office really stimulating.
23. Men and women love porn, but men prefer images, while women prefer erotic stories.
24. The porn industry is worth tens of billions of dollars, which means it is bigger than professional football and baseball combined.
25. Hollywood makes about 400 movies a year, but the porn industry produces at least 10,000. Every year, people pay more money for porn movies and porn-related articles than they pay for movie tickets.
26. Regular porn users can spend between 30 minutes and 3 hours a day watching porn movies.
27. Women like watching porn with lesbians more than straight sex. In fact, the word "lesbian" is the most viewed category for Pornhub viewers.
28. In 1988, the legal cases People vs. The Freemans stated that the production of adult films, as long as they did not "injure" others, was protected as free speech by the First Amendment. In other words, if pornography involves consensual sex, it is protected.
29. The size of the worldwide porn industry is 100 billion dollars. Of these, between 10 and 12 billion dollars come from the United States.
30. While male porn stars are usually paid around $150 per scene, female performers earn between $600 and $1,000 per scene.


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