4 Different Telephone Entry Systems

4 Different Telephone Entry Systems
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21 November 2022

As a resident, it is a priority to look out and to keep our belongings, family, home, and yourself safe. Multiple layers of security, and from the term security itself, the objective is to keep intruders, burglaries, and theft away from your home. And that in this case, first-layer security highlights the purpose of keeping it rigid for intruders to enter. Even if it's just the first layer, it should still not be taken lightly. Fortunately, multiple security intercom systems have now been made, such as a Telephone entry system with camera. It is a security system where communication and contact can be made with the visitor outside without needing to open the door, which increases safety. 

A telephone entry system that also has a camera feature is a system that is used and considered the first layer of security for entry. When a visitor rings the doorbell button, it immediately notifies the resident that there is and is at the door. The resident can communicate with the visitors, deliverers, etc., without needing to go outside. The term telephone has a function where the visitor has rung the bell and is answered by the resident. It would immediately activate the call function as a microphone and speaker are installed onto the system. 

If you are interested in having or installing one, here are the different types of Telephone entry systems. 

  • Touch Screen Voice Entry System: Mircom 

Touch Screen Voice entry system is an intercom that features a broad range of voice entry that is well suited for communication caused by the utilization of SIP., which then has the perks of accessing the intercom system through phones and is capable of calling through a mobile phone. 

  • Audio and Video Intercom Entry System: Liftmaster

The audio and video intercom entry system Liftmaster is an intercom that has a design that looks sleek and impressive in our time today, which is modern. Its video quality is a 1080p camera which is known as high definition. To access this system, you must have a smartphone with a downloaded app MyQ which has the perks of a resident who can receive calls from the visitor through the app and can unlock the door remotely also through the app. One of its issues is to activate or utilize the video call feature. You must first go to Phone.com and get a VOIP subscription.  

  • Telephone entry system with a keypad: Summit Control Ascent X1

The summit control ascent X1 has the features of being able to control doors or gates. Ascent X1 system, its concern is that it needs help keeping up with modern technology as its creators have stopped upgrading it. It still has most of the old features paved almost entirely. It can be accessed by downloading a mobile app Summit Control 

  • IP & hard-wired entry intercom systems: AES Telephone Entry System

AES Telephone Entry System is a system that can be considered the latest in the list considering its features. You could guess that it is the latest, which uses the part of LTE intercoms that can directly call numerous apartments, which are up to 1000 apartments, 

Residents' priority is their own lives, their family, and their home's safety which is why to aim for your property's safety further. It would help if you considered learning more about security systems. For instance, a telephone entry system with a camera prevents intruders from getting inside the house as the door is only permitted to unlock and lock by those who were given access and permissions by the residents and the residents themselves, systems like this should be a priority as these can monitor the history of visitations, and having the option of not having to go outside to know a visitor's objective or intentions. 

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