4 Reasons why condos make good rental property investment

4 Reasons why condos make good rental property investment
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Singapore has one of the most complex property markets. It is because even with its relatively small land area, its property market is one of the highest gaining industries in the country. Its property market exhibits tight competition as it is crowded by high demand and saturated with many developers. 


The high demand for property in Singapore’s property market is rooted in the fact that it has an overall competitive economy. Even with the size of this country, it has been proven to have one of the most stable and active economies in the world. Until this date, the number of investors and businesses that want to branch out in Singapore continues to rise. Even with the pandemic that is experienced by everyone,  Singapore’s economy seems to be the most resilient. 


The complicated property market makes it harder to buy property in Singapore, The competition makes the property prices Singapore costs expensive. However, during a time like this, one of the best investments to make is a property. This is because it provides stability and assurance with the money that you are going to invest. There are many options when you buy property in Singapore. There are landed properties like houses and apartments. There are condominiums. When it comes to property prices Singapore costs, condominiums seem to be one of the most practical to invest.


What is a condominium?

Condos are units in a building that are divided into portions. These are then marketed and sold individually to different tenants. These units come at different sizes and property prices Singapore value. The title or deed of sale is given separately for each unit. Nowadays, condominium units are very popular as an investment because it has many perks and advantages. When you buy property in Singapore that is intended to be rented out, one of your priorities should be a condominium unit. In this article, let us talk about 5 reasons why condominiums make a good rental property investment. 


#1 High demand

When you buy property in Singapore that is intended to be rented out, one of the best options is a condominium. It is because there is a high demand for a condominium for rent that you will not have a hard time looking for a tenant. This means that you can immediately profit from this investment, With high property prices Singapore costs, profit should be one of the things that you consider when renting out a property. High demand means that tenants will look for you instead of you looking for them, thus your condominium will be occupied in no time. 


#2 Fewer maintenance costs

Since condominiums are always smaller than houses, there is less to maintain. This means that it would cost you fewer maintenance fees. This is an advantage since the main goal of renting out this unit is to profit. Less maintenance and utility costs mean that you can gain more profit. 


#3 Has many amenities

Having many amenities makes a condominium more attractive to tenants. Amenities make the property prices Singapore fee worth it. This is because tenants can enjoy the perks of having a swimming pool, gym, gazebo, and even their own parking space. Tenants tend to favor these kinds of housing as they cannot usually find these in apartments. This can make you find a tenant faster. This way, you can have a return on investment immediately. 


#4 More accessible

When you buy property in Singapore, one of the things that you should consider is accessibility. Especially when you are buying a property to be rented out. Aside from the built-in amenities, another thing that makes a property more attractive is accessibility. Tenants want convenience. They usually pick those that are more convenient even with a high price instead of those that are ar form necessities. This is because being near your needs can actually help you save more. 

Condos are usually built in areas where necessities and other infrastructures are. This is because developers know what buyers and potential tenants are looking for. For example, Marga would choose a condominium unit that is more expensive but is nearer to her workplace and supermarket over something that is farther. This is because transportation fees can cost her more in the long run. 


Invest wisely

Investing takes up a large amount of money. That is why you should invest in things that provide sure returns. Visit SRX Property today to know more about smart property investments.


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