4 Tips You Must Know For Creating Tempting Custom Hot Dog Boxes

4 Tips You Must Know For Creating Tempting Custom Hot Dog Boxes
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24 October 2022

Do you want your hot dogs to become the talk of the town? Custom hot dog boxes are good to go. Our boxes are perfect for preserving the curled sausages' taste, flavor, and freshness. We offer packaging that is convenient to assemble and handle. Whether taking a stroll, having a picnic, or getting late to work, our boxes are the perfect containers for storing hotdogs.

What are you waiting for? It is time to jump on the bandwagon with iCustomBoxes. And make your fast food chain the next big thing in the town with our top-grade packaging.

Ahead we have gathered amazing tips for creating custom hot dog box packaging boxes.

Perfect Sized Boxes

Cafeterias, food booths, and snack bars always search for customized hot dog trays. They prefer right-sized packaging to wrap, deliver and display their food items at the food counters. It saves space, attracts the foodies, and provides the utmost protection to the yum yum hot dogs.

Are you wondering why customized box size is important? The truth is an oversized tray is a waste of money and resources, and above all, it ruins the taste of the hot dogs. Imagine how your customers would feel coming across a hot dog served in a huge tray. It drives them bonkers and convinces them that the packaging is not worth their money.

Moreover, people prefer easy and instant solutions because of their busy and robotic lifestyles. If they are late for school or a meeting, they prefer easy packaging to handle without spoiling their mood and clothes.  

Stupid and bizarre packaging is disastrous for small- and large-scale food brands. Foodies will never buy a hot dog moving to and fro with mustard sauce, ketchup, and lettuce all over the place. And that is not a good sign for your brand's reputation.

Our packaging experts at iCustomBoxes believe that in the food business presentation matters a lot. It has the potential to make or break your brand reputation, popularity, and sales. In other words, customized packaging is in the driver's seat and decides the fate of your fast food chain business.

Use Of Planet-Friendly Material

The combo of mouthwatering hot dogs packed in safe packaging is a big win for the brands. The foodies fall head over heels for outstanding quality, taste, and presentation. The game-changer part? Customers who discover that your brand utilizes eco-friendly packaging (kraft and cardboard) turn into loyal customers. And they appreciate and look forward to buying from brands that incorporate eco-friendly practices. 

Do you want to coin your identity as the natural champ? Visit our website www.icustomboxes.com and explore our bespoke range of sustainable box styles at reasonable rates. It is time to walk over hazardous packaging and embrace eco-safe boxes for the sake of our planet.

Visually Engaging Boxes

The food business is all about tempting product descriptions and appetizing images. Foodies get to know your brand through visually appealing packaging. 

Visualize a scenario. Your customers arrive at the snack shop looking for hot dogs. But when you hand over their order in standard packaging, it doesn't create a powerful impact. The buyers are not impressed at all with your presentation and think your brand has nothing special to offer.

On the flip side, if your competitors invest in creative and eye-catching custom hot dog boxes, it will turn the heads of the buyers. The truth is mouthwatering hot dog images with relevant product and brand information create a lot of difference. The customers are ready to splash out on informative packaging.

Are you still looking around for a magician custom box supplier? There is no need to because iCustomBoxes is here to help you. Material specialists, packaging experts, graphic designers, and quality control team play their part in crafting outclass boxes.

If you have a design sample of hot dog trays, feel free to share it with our graphic designers. Our wizard designers are skilled at giving billion buck look to your brand. And they ensure that each design element perfectly syncs with your brand's ideology. Hence they know how to strike a perfect balance between the colors, images, font, and text. 


No one wants their food brand to go bankrupt. And for that, customer contentment holds great importance. In fact, they are in the driver's seat, and they get to decide if your brand is worth purchasing or not.

We promise our high-quality boxes are not meant to break the bank. We aim to provide you with sustainable boxes at affordable rates. Whether you want to place a minimum or maximum number of packaging, we got you covered.

iCustomBoxes encourages buyers to go with wholesale Custom burger boxes. Wondering why?

  • It reduces the cost per piece
  • Avail volume discounts, and special offers
  • Significantly reduces fuel consumption and the GHG emissions
  • Smart use of resources and the workforce
  • Provides your business with backup stock
  • Ensures smooth business operation
  • Utmost customers satisfaction
  • Nurtures a long-lasting customer-brand relationship

In a nutshell, our custom hot dog trays are power-packed with many benefits. We provide functionality, versatility, sustainability, and affordability in one box. Make your brand accessible and relatable to the audience with our bespoke packaging. For more information call at +1-800-347-2197 and enjoy free shipping services across USA and Canada. 


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