4 Types of WiFi Jammers

4 Types of WiFi Jammers
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16 August 2022

If you want to make your home or office less likely to be invaded by mobile phones, you might want to consider buying a wifi jammer. WiFi jammers can block all frequencies above 2.4GHz, as well as those in the 5.8GHz, 8GHz, and 1315MHz bands. Listed below are several options. Each one has its own benefits and drawbacks, so read on to find the perfect one for your needs.


A 2.4GHz wifi jammer for sale is an electronic device which blocks the transmission of radio or wireless signals. This gadget can be used for several purposes, including blocking internet access for internet cafes, keeping the house quiet, and preventing hackers from monitoring your activity. Moreover, it also helps in stopping cell phones from answering questions in a paper test. It has many other advantages, too. Here are some of them. Read on to find out more.


A 5.8GHz WiFi jammer is an electronic device that blocks both 2.4G and 5G signals. This device can cover a large area up to 25 meters and can operate for hours without stopping. Using the AC power adapter, this device will work day and night without having to be recharged. Once activated, it will block all WiFi and phone signals in a specified space. As a result, you can feel safe while using the jammer anywhere you go.


Whether you need to protect your office from snoopers or need a way to keep your home safe from cell phone use, an 8GHz wifi jammer will be the perfect solution. These devices can jam the signals from wireless internet and cell phones up to 10 meters away. This makes them ideal for conference rooms, meeting rooms, concert halls, factories, classrooms, and other areas where wireless signals are widespread. You can get an 8GHz wifi jammer online for a fraction of the price of a traditional WiFi jammer.


A real-time reactive 1315MHz wifi jammer can be tested in a controlled, non-disruptive manner. The test used a wired, 5-port network with power splitters. Ports 1 and 2 were matched with 20 dB attenuators to prevent receiver saturation. Port 4 received a variable attenuator. This setup allowed for a wide dynamic range for the effects of the jammer. The results were recorded using a vector network analyzer. Table I summarizes the results of the test.


A 1900MHz wifi jammer is a powerful tool to block the spread of wireless signals in a specific area. It blocks signals at a specific frequency and has a very high noise level. However, not all wireless signals are beneficial. Jamming the network can prevent distractions in classrooms, offices, and public places. Its range is limited by the signal strength of nearby cells. To get the best jamming performance, you need to know how to calculate the required values.


A 2100MHz wifi jammer is an excellent option for people who want to block wireless signals from causing interference to their daily life. These devices have been designed with the convenience of users in mind. Their design resembles a picture frame, making them ideal for office and school settings. They come with two modes of operation - passive and active. While passive mode allows the jammer to keep the frequency below its detection range, active mode prevents the device from emitting radio waves continuously. Additionally, they have an RS232 COM port, allowing them to regulate the output power of each band. Hence, they are easy to operate and come with a user-friendly interface.


If you want to block signals from your mobile phone or other wireless internet devices, you can get a 3G or 4G WiFi jammer. They are very powerful and can cover all major mobile networks. You can use them anywhere you like, whether at home, office or other fixed location. This jammer has no set up requirement and works without interruption. You can purchase the best one for your needs and enjoy its benefits. Here are the features of these jammers:


If you're looking for a 5G wifi jammer, you're in luck. With the new 5G network looming around the corner, many mobile phone manufacturers have already upgraded their existing signal jammer products to include 5G shielding. As science and technology continue to advance, 5G signal jammer manufacturers have reserving upgrades to protect their products from the new 5G signals. It's important to note that if your 5G signal is stronger than the ones in your neighborhood, your jammer may be less effective than the ones that shield the local signal.


A 3G wifi jammer is a device that blocks Wi-Fi signals. It has 8 bands that it can block, and each band has a separate control button that allows you to adjust the frequency of each band. You can even customize the jammer to block only specific frequencies, such as those from the iPhone or Android. But how does a 3G wifi jammer work? Here are some tips. Read on to find out how it works.


While LTE has more advanced technology than WiFi, it is still not capable of reaching every part of the world. In fact, LTE is better in a few ways, including being able to operate over long distances and towards moving vehicles, while WiFi was designed to be cheap and operated in an unlicensed spectrum. In addition, LTE base stations are built with more powerful transmitters and receivers. They also have better antennas, which help to block signals, so their range is significantly longer than that of WiFi. Moreover, the signal penetration range depends on the signal strength from various sources and local environment.

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