5 Best Elementor Addons You Should Definitely Try

5 Best Elementor Addons You Should Definitely Try
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19 January 2023

Many designers or developers used elementor to build websites without code. A modern time where thousands of  best elementor addons no doubt make life easier but also difficult to choose the best. 

Do you need help finding out which elementor addons are best?

No doubt among hundreds of plugins some are best for different communities of enthusiasts or developers. 

Here is the question: how can you pick and compare elementor? When you don't have a lot of time to spend on each elementor addon. 

So, I am here to help!

I have tested the number of free elementor widgets and written a comprehensive comparison of these plugins for you. 

Let's reveal the mystery!

Free Elementor Addons

Number of free widgets

Free Module enables/ disables & copy /paste



Free Theme Builder

Premium Version

Xpro Elementor Addons



$37 site/year

Master Addon



$49 site/yea

The Plus Addon



$29 site/year




$130 site/year

Essential Addons



$39.97 site/year

Table of Content

  • Introduction To Elementor
  • Why Do Elementors are necessary for websites?
  • What Qualifies as a best Elementor Addon?
  • Top 19 Best Elementor Addons
  • 1. Xpro Elementor Addons
  • 2. Master Addons
  • 3. The Plus Addons
  • 4. Crocoblock – JetplugWns Elementor Addons
  • 5. Essential Addons
  • Conclusion

Introduction To Elementor 

“Elementor is the page builder plugin among WordPress users without a line of codes.” Thanks to elementor who made this smoother and easier to build a website with the use of drag-and-drop UI. You do not need to worry about hiring expensive developers, just handle your website by yourself by using elementor. 

Everybody wants to create a fantastic and unique website with more functionality for less price. If elementor gives you more than 80+ elementor functionality but you are still looking for something advanced to stand out among others. However, I have tested different elementor plugins with only its free version and just found the best for you to supercharge your website experience. 

Why Do Elementors are necessary for websites? 

Before moving on let's list the elementor addons and comparison criteria. Shall we start?

What Qualifies as a Best Elementor Addon? 

Well, you may have heard about the best elementor addons for websites that give you more features. However, this is something unique in comparison to discovering all the aspect that makes elementor addons more reliable and best among all. 

  • Review the performance measure in depth for each plugin.
  • Derive the test and comment on each plugin.
  • Based on the test result, I compared each plugin.
  • Find out the top-notch features of each plugin.
  • The user's basic need is the affordable price. You need to know each plugin's price. 
  • It is crucial to avoid compatibility issues when you are choosing the best elementor addons. 

This practice will take you more time to find out the best elementor. Therefore, I brought them in one row to make it easy for you to access the best one for your website. 

Basically, we have different comparison criteria based on each plugin's performance meter. So, we are going to compare plugin features and elaborate on the best elementor addons. 

Top 19 Best Elementor Addons

1. Xpro Elementor Addons

Xpro Elementor Addons is a power pack solution to upgrade your website with high functionalities, advanced widgets, and templates. It is massively popular and includes comprehensive widgets, an exclusive extension, an exhaustive theme builder, and more. If you want to grab customers' attention then you should try this best elementor addon. 

This elementor provides overall 120+ advanced and unique widgets, 50+ free widgets, 20+ extensions, 300+ templates, elementor theme builder, etc, that can help you to streamline the website designing and developing process. 

  • Widgets – 50+ best free widgets including popular widgets like Lottie Custom Field, Before, After, Vertical Timeline, Content toggle, News Ticker, etc. In the pro version, there are 70+ premium and unique widgets including popular widgets such as hover cards, cookies, video masking, multilayer slider, and more. 
  • Templates – 500+ Elementor Page Templates & Sections that you can accomplish in your website design with free and premium widgets.

Xpro Elementor Addons become one of the best elementor addons with its top-notch features, regular updates, unique customization ideas, 24/7 support, and more. This dedicated toolkit allows for display conditioning, cross-domain copy/pasting, custom CSS, scroll effects, 3D Tilt Parallax, and others in building highly professional websites. 

  • Pro WooCommerce Builder – 15+ Dedicated WooCommerce Widgets. Customize your online stores with the exclusive Xpro elementor widget like Woo cart, Woo My account, Woo mini cart, Woo Product Cross-sell, Woo Product Carousel, Woo Related Products, & more.
  • Theme Builder – Free theme builder proposed the dynamic dashboard to easily edit any layout. With extensive plugins and override customize your website layout like Sticky Header, Footer, Singular, Archives, 404, etc to access the full website control. 

Finally, you can access its latest features and functionality such as a custom post-type plugin. There are other neat and advanced features including scroll effects, background parallax, and copy/paste widgets which are great for you to build your websites  

To learn more about Xpro Elementor Addons, you may integrate its full details and guide here and start today to customize your website for free. 

Price: The premium version starts at $37 with an annual plan. 

2. Master Addons

Master Addons is a rich feature elementor addons that allow you to create more pleasing websites in no time with comprehensive addons. Providing over 70+ widgets, 20+ exclusive extensions, and 50+ header footer blocks for dynamic page builders. Besides, master addons allow you to enable and disable elements from any of its addons sections.  

  • Widgets – Around 50+ creative widgets, and 20+ unique extensions across premium and free versions.
  • Templates – Free Elementor Templates are available.

Master Addons comes with a pack of solutions to make your content more appealing and attractive with its dynamic and vibrant widget. It has a wide range of elements on page builder regarding basic content including a comprehensive Blog, call to action, toggle content, gradient headlines, and many more. 

Beyond that, you can access master addons premium features 

  • Animated Headlines
  • Image Hover Effects
  • Advanced Built-in Sections
  • Custom CSS
  • Pro Display Conditions
  • Pro Post/Page Duplicator 
  • Pro Header footer Form
  • Pro Comment Form

Overall, if you are looking for something unique and appealing for your content visualization then you should try to master addons for their smooth transition effects. 

Prices: This plugin is available at only $49 cost with its one-year licensed and customized only single website. 

3. The Plus Addons

The Plus Addons is the board answer for your page customization and building needs. Ready-to-use designs will give you incredible blocks, sections, toolKit, and templates to help you in creating fantastic websites. Plus Addons comes with a suite of 30+ best free widgets, 18+ page templates, and 300 blocks. 

  • Widgets – You can access the 120+ elementor widgets across its free and pro version consisting of its most popular options like row background, login signup, carousel anything, and hovercard.
  • Templates – You can easily get 18+ ready-made new template kits to assist you in designing websites. 

Formulation of professional websites with premium Elementor Addons downloaded by The Plus Addons broadens your page power. It helps to create unique segments including WooCommerce, popup builder, header builder,  scroll animation, and many more. Its latest update on the widgets collection containing Lottie file animations, Woo single pricing, Data Table, and Product listing helps to gain traction in the market.

Just by toggling its features, you can able to perform the following action in your elementor design: 

  • 120+ unique widgets and extension
  • Advanced Test Block
  • Advanced Typography
  • Animated Text
  • 300+ pre-made Block
  • Background Styles

Overall, this plugin has the largest collection of premium and free elements and is bestowed by industrial leaders.  

Price: Its premium version is available for just $29 with one website license for a year. 

4. Crocoblock – JetplugWns Elementor Addons

Crocoblock is an incredibly great plugin with advanced elements to enhance the website's visual representation. Crocoblock’s JetPlugins collection proposed the 20 jets elements plugin that comes with 150 advanced widgets. There are tons of ready-made elementor templates. Create a captivating website with its 14+ dynamic templates, popup library, theme block, and mega menu. 

  • Widgets & Templates – A designer can get 200+ widgets including Lottie files, slider widgets, blogging widgets, WooCommerce products, and more.  Also, 60+ dynamic templates are available, such as design and popup templates.
  • Jet Plugin – 20+ Jet Plugins

Besides, you are allowed to access its Jet elements gadget along with its gorgeous impact but the jet elements are available only on the premium version. 

Price: It cost only $130 with one website license for a year. 

5. Essential Addons

Among the most used WordPress addon modules for Elementor is Essential Addons for Elementor, which has more than 500,000 active installations.

Numerous categories, including Content, Dynamic Content, and Documentation, are used by the plugin to group its widgets. The plugin comes with 37 widgets in its free edition, and if you subscribe to Essential Addons Pro, another 30 become available.

Additionally, Essential Addons provides seven extensions. The free version comes with a custom post type duplicator, a table of contents, and a browsing bar chart; premium users also have access to parallax and particle animations, customizable tooltips, and content security.

Price: You can buy it for just $39.97 with one website license for a year. 


Evaluating each of these options is highly advised to determine which plugins best meet your requirements. To learn more about what each plugin can achieve, you should also look at their official demos.

Your site's module library can be considerably expanded by installing various third-party Elementor WordPress plugins, giving you additional options when designing new layouts. 

In case you have found a mistake in the text, please send a message to the author by selecting the mistake and pressing Ctrl-Enter.
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