5 best hotel management apps for your hotel business

5 best hotel management apps for your hotel business

Data analytics and artificial intelligence are accelerating the growth of all kinds of online businesses. With this in mind, the hospitality industry is competitively leveraging these factors to integrate or innovate robust hotel management applications to deliver superior guest experiences. Despite the pandemic, the hotel management app development market is expected to grow by $2.24 billion from 2020-2024, according to a recent Technavio report.


If you are in the hotel industry and your hospitality has stopped due to the pandemic, now is the time to make technological changes in your business and open a high-tech hotel. Because once tourism picks up again after the coronavirus settles in, you'll be raining on guests.

You need software for systematic hotel management

With the advent of excessive use of smartphones, guests tend to look for user-friendly ways to make reservations online. Activities such as remote check-in, property descriptions, neighborhoods and other amenities are all searched at once from any website, app or even desktop software.


In addition, your property must have maintained infrastructure and quality resources that can effectively use the hotel management application. Therefore, you need to integrate the best hotel management app to provide the best communication to your guests.

5 Best Hotel Management Apps

Here is a little insight into some of the most recognized hotel management application systems that can help you improve your services according to the requirements of your hotel business.

1. eZee Absolute

eZee Absolute is the brainchild of eZee Technosys, a cloud-based software solution designed to help hotels of all types and sizes manage their day-to-day operations. With a single login and through the hotel property management system, you would be able to handle reservations and online distribution of various properties.


It is the most suitable and fastest growing software for hoteliers and if you have an independent hotel, hostel, serviced apartment, resort, hotel chain or guest house.

2. KWHotel Pro

KWHotel Pro is a popular hotel management application designed for small and medium-sized accommodation facilities. The software is available in three versions – Free, Standard and Pro.


The system is excellent for hotels with less complicated operations. Moreover, it is fully supportive, reliable and user-friendly.

3. Reservation and property management of Nano Hotel

Nano Hotel Booking is a software application by Erziman Asaliyev that contains a fantastic option for hoteliers who want to keep their property under control. It works just like traditional desktop-based solutions.


In addition, it contains a calendar that informs at once about the occupancy of rooms, free places and the current and future status of room occupancy.


The rooms under reconstruction are also marked. Users have all the options to customize their choices and create their own affordable packages.

4. Roombler

Rumbler is a unique cloud-based software management system that serves guesthouses, individual hosts and hoteliers to manage reservations and perform payment processes.


The software becomes manageable with live statistics that manage reservations, check-in, check-out, etc. As a hotelier, you get almost everything when you offer your rooms, houses and cabins for rent.

5. Alice

ALICE is one of the most popular hotel management platforms that allow the integration of PMS with internal communication. ALICE supports the ability to connect all departments on a single platform, resulting in team efficiency and superior customer service.


The most interesting feature of this app is the Guest component where guests can express their concerns, needs and wishes. This helps improve the guest experience. This provides them with real-time status updates and initiates support for the software's brand identity.


The development and importance of the mobile scene changed the hotel business and brought new possibilities to serve its clients. Right now, the mobile app is the best and most viable answer to connecting more clients and increasing their base.


Any top mobile app development company can help you with your hotel and restaurant booking requirements. Assuming you have a phenomenal idea, let us know and we will turn it into a fruitful and viable hotel booking app that will help your business and generate revenue.

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