5 Best Practices for Great Landing Pages

5 Best Practices for Great Landing Pages
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14 November 2022

Surviving in the online world now is quite difficult for businesses. It is essential that business owners understand the expectations and needs of the customer so that they are able to convince them to make a purchase of the products or services. There are a lot of aspects that greatly influence the decision of the consumers to make the purchase. For instance, the landing page is responsible for convincing the lead to make the purchase. It demonstrates how the company will provide value to them through the products or services, gain customers or boost the customer experience. But for this having a good landing page is extremely important. Please consider finding a good SEO service provider company in Gurgaon to get the professional support you require. After all, the professionals will know how to integrate the landing page and come up with something good that will ensure increased conversions.5 Best Practices for Great Landing Pages

Landing page- what is it?

When described in simple terms, is a web page meant for catering a specific purpose. It is a stand-alone page where businesses can set the tracking parameters for user behaviors. It is responsible for convincing a visitor to make the purchase, getting permission to follow up, telling a friend about the products or service, learning something about the business, or leaving it back.

Tips to achieve the best landing page

There are certain practices that will work well for achieving a landing page that is more attractive for customers and brings in their interest. The list here specifies the same.

  1. 1. Choose the correct headline

The tagline or the heading of the landing page would be the first thing that the user will see as it is the point where they will decide to check the web page. You must come up with headlines that actually sell. For this, you must avoid headings that do no good to the content. You must ensure you cover the tagline in an engaging manner. Also, the heading must convey the benefits of the offer you are providing. This will guarantee the users stay on the page.

Remember, an optimized page title will work well for better search engine rankings. So having an index landing page that is well keyword-optimized will improve the visibility. Finally, you must ensure that the landing page headline matches the email, SEO copy, or add headlines for a better user experience. It can take a lot of work to come up with something. Thus you need to consider the support of an SEO services provider for better results.

  1. 2. Get a separate landing page for active promotion

It is crucial that the content that the user chooses to click on states the body and the headline of the landing page. This is termed the message part. For a good user experience focusing on this aspect will be helpful. Most B2C companies generally create and distribute content in large amounts in different categories and product types. So simply sending the user to the home page from the promotional page won't be helpful as it will not allow the message to match correctly.

To resolve such issues, it will be helpful to get a separate and dedicated landing page for any offer you plan to provide to the people. The user must immediately see the page that relates to the search or the click. You want the user to refrain from taking any additional steps to find the right content, as it can demotivate them to move ahead.

  1. 3. Use the right images

There are stats that reveal about 65% of people get the information correctly through the relevant images. It will be helpful that you provide images that clearly highlight the topic you are covering or the product or service. This will ensure the visitor receives the right message when they reach the landing page. However, one needs to be careful here as the images should always bring in conversions rather than distracting the visitors. You must choose original and inspiring images. Also, it must be positioned in the right way for encouraging the readers to take action.

For instance, an educational and conscious video will help boost the conversion rate. You need to remember that images can be quite tricky, especially when they have got person facing toward the call of the button. To guarantee you are following the right strategy considering the support from a good SEO company in Gurgaon will work the best. Their expert professionals will be ready to offer you all the support.

  1. Come up with engaging CTAs

The learning page has got a lot of aspects. But it is undoubtedly the call to action button that is the most important one. Without this, you will not get potential customers, and the rest of the image or the copy on the landing page will lose its importance. A great CTA will actually increase the conversion rate 10 times. It is important that the visitors who visit the landing page are actually compelled to click on the button. For this, convincing them is important. You need to avoid putting up an unclear or boring copy. Instead, coming up with something personalized or engaging like Get my free trial will be helpful.

Colour here place a major role. It must contrast with the surrounding elements to draw maximum attention. However, the preference will vary from person and the industry. It is important that instead of making decisions based on assumptions, you need to consider your business strategy type and then decide what will work the best.


  1. Avoid over complicating the forms

Businesses with poorly designed lead capture forms can actually lead to bad conversion rates. The prospects wish to spend only a little bit of time providing the person's information. To ease things, you need to ask for the basic information and remember to enquire about additional details in the future. Your campaign will work great through the split testing. This can be useful as it will show the amount of information the customer chooses to or is willing to input. Optimizing the landing page will be quite helpful. Many companies are even giving prospects an option to provide their information through social media platforms. It is quite an easy option and a great fit for many people. If you are still determining the same or if you wish to come up with something personalized, then finding a good SEO service provider company in Gurgaon will be helpful.


Learning pages are a major part of the website that ensures better conversions. Implementing and designing a digital marketing campaign will bring in better engagement and results for the business. It will be helpful to find a good SEO company in Gurgaon that can keep up with the requirements of your business and provide you with the support that will guarantee better conversion rates for your business.


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