5 Best Tips for Writers who want to opt for Ghostwriting as a Full-time Career

5 Best Tips for Writers who want to opt for Ghostwriting as a Full-time Career
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19 August 2022

“Dance above the surface of the world. Let your thoughts lift you into creativity that is not hampered by opinion.”  ― Red Haircrow

A good writer is one who knows how to incorporate creativity along with useful insights in his write-ups. Writers have diverse career opportunities these days. The best part is when they turn their writing passion into their profession.

Let’s have a quick look at a few benefits of opting for ghostwriting as a career.

  • The core reason to become a ghostwriter is that they get salaried to play with words. When any writer turns his writing passion into a profession then he does not work even a single day in his life and still gets paid.
  • The main benefit of turning your profession into a passion is that you will get paid for doing the task that you love to do. There are numerous ghostwriters for hire in the USA that are getting higher salaries by following their own passion
  • Ghostwriters help a lot in enhancing exposure. A writer meets with business people, influencers, artists, and other professionals who want their voices to be heard in the shape of writing but are not aware of how to write properly.
  • Ghostwriting provides such opportunities to the writers that they learn things they never would have learned before. They get the chance to write with different writing styles and write for different genres.

As of now, you are aware of the core benefits of opting for ghostwriting as a career so let’s have a look at the best 5 tips which can aid you in becoming a ghostwriter.


To start your career in any field a prerequisite that is needed the most is a portfolio. You need to create an attractive portfolio that can grab the clients for you. Try to include all the samples of your proven creative work. You need to also maintain your portfolio online because in this era of digitalization it is obvious that the digital world can help you get more writing clients.


Secondly, you need to promote yourself as a ghostwriter on different platforms. You can utilize social media platforms, as well as freelancing platforms in order to get this done. However, social media can provide you with better results as compared to any freelancing platform in case you are just starting your career.

Because through social platforms you can encourage your direct audience to hire you for any ghostwriting project and they will trust you more as compare to any other freelancer because most of the time your social media audience is well aware of who you are and consider you a trustworthy person, so they will prefer to hire you rather than hiring anyone else.


The strategy that is chosen the most by so many ghostwriters is that they use it to serve time in shaping and enhancing their communication and collaboration skills. So, whenever they need to deal directly with the client, they are aware of all the norms of communication and collaboration norms that must be known while dealing with the client. It will help you in the long term when you need to build a strong and potential client base that acquires your services.


Another tip that a writer should use in case he wants to opt for ghostwriting as a passion is that he should be well aware of the client’s narrative and most importantly learn the client’s voice. When a writer is full cognizant of the client’s voice then he can create ghostwriting content as per his requirements.

The simplest ways that are commonly used these days are recording client calls and online meeting sessions. Writers record their client’s brief about the project. It aids them in the time of the problem. Whenever any query occurs, they go through the recording of the client and hear again what he needs and then act accordingly.


Editing is no doubt the most important part of the whole writing process. However, it is really very difficult for the writers to maintain productivity if they do the editing part on their own too. It will be great if the writer hires or takes assistance from a professional editor or proofreader. He will provide a hassle-free journey of course and will provide the final piece of content with zero or very few mistakes.

Final words

As you have gone through the whole blog, you have got the idea that ghostwriting as a career can be a good decision for those writers who want to grow in the writing field and perform extraordinarily. However, becoming a ghostwriter requires a lot of effort, diligence, and smart work. One needs to have full command of the language and must be aware of all the norms and rules of writing different content pieces.

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