5 Bold Predictions for the Future of AI

5 Bold Predictions for the Future of AI
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04 January

Did you know that artificial intelligence (AI) already plays a major role in industries like healthcare, logistics, transportation, and customer service? 

The most surprising part is that we have only scratched the surface of the applications of this powerful technology. 

So, what does the future await for AI? We’ve scoured the web for the latest trends and tendencies that will share the future of artificial intelligence. 

Here’s what we found. 

The State of Artificial Intelligence Today

Before going any further, let’s take a moment to analyze the state of artificial intelligence today. 

It’s estimated that the AI industry is currently worth more than $387.45 billion, and projections suggest that this number will reach the $1394.30 billion mark by 2029. 

It’s no surprise that the AI space has reached this magnitude. In addition to the industries we’ve already listed, some of the fields that are already leveraging AI include:

  • Digital marketing and advertising;
  • Social media networks;
  • Television and film production;
  • Logistics and transportation;
  • Manufacturing;
  • And finance.

 But, what does the future hold for AI?

5 Ways How AI Will Evolve

Although the basics of modern AI were established decades ago, new advancements in software, raw materials, and design have completely redefined the limits of this technology. 

The best part is that many of these technologies are in their early stages. 

So, it’s safe to assume that the AI space will continue to change, adapt, and evolve along with the technology that powers it. 

With the above in mind, here are five trends that will shape the state of the AI industry for years to come. 

1. Establish a New Standard in the Scientific Method

The scientific method is applied to a wide range of fields, including clinical trials and manufacturing certain types of equipment. 

With that said, there are many questions surrounding how fast science in advancing and how positive this accelerated pace actually is. 

New AI and machine learning (ML) applications allow scientists to explore more ideas and determine their impact before diving deeper into their research. 

Which, in turn, can help establish the scientific method and redefine what it involves. 

2. Become a Cornerstone of World Politics

AI technology has already been embraced by world leaders thanks to its huge potential. Leaders like Czech Deputy Prime Minister for Digitalization Ivan Bartoš have already called for a deeper implementation of AI technologies. 

This has placed AI in a unique position to play a major role in world politics and become a significant tool for foreign leaders. 

3. Revolutionize Consumer Industries

Consumer industries continue to transition into the digital realm. Yet, many webmasters and content creators find it difficult to ensure a great user experience on websites and other virtual platforms. 

AI poses an elegant solution as this technology can process and lay out information in a more effective way. 

This, in turn, will help create better next-generation consumer experiences in innovative fields like cryptocurrency and virtual reality. 

4. Address and Attempt to Revert the Climate Crisis

The climate crisis is already a major concern for many entrepreneurs. 

Research suggests that 87% of surveyed CEOs in both private and public spaces feel that AI is an essential resource that will help find a sustainable solution to this global problem. 

AI can be used to improve energy efficiency, boost the levels of renewable energy generated, and minimize emission levels across spaces like agriculture and manufacturing. 

5. Allow for the Delivery of More Personalized Medical Care

Large-scale personalized medicine is not yet a reality. AI may be the key to changing this in the near future. 

Researchers are currently investigating AI’s ability to create personalized treatment plans and synthesize tailored medications for patients. 

In theory, AI has the potential to analyze each individual’s medical profile as well as parameters like lifestyle to create the best treatment plan. 

What Will Artificial Intelligence Look Like in 2030?

The AI industry will grow in leaps and bounds over the next decade. So, what should we expect by the year 2030? Here are some trends that may become realities by then:

  • Human-level AI language processing models;
  • Personal AI assistant with extensive capabilities;
  • AI-human collaborations in most industries;
  • AI-embedded smartphones and other devices;
  • And fully autonomous commercial vehicles. 

Can AI Boost Cybersecurity?

Now, it’s important to note that using AI doesn’t guarantee safe browsing. 

As a general rule, always take safety precautions to protect your network. For example, you should find a reliable VPN download and use it whenever you connect to the web.

Other precautions you can take include:

  • Set strict security settings on your computer;
  • Update all software, including your OS and browser;
  • And avoid websites that don’t have HTTPS protocol. 

Will AI Completely Replace Humans?

The debate of human versus artificial intelligence has been raging for years in industries like customer service. 

Year after year, consumers expect providers to deliver on-demand services, where the time it takes to deliver support is one of the most critical factors. 

However, many customers already want to see an increase in human interactions rather than chatbots or other AI-powered tools.

This makes it clear that AI will likely never fully replace human interactions, at least not in consumer-facing fields. 

However, it also highlights the fact that companies need to adapt their AI implementations to their audience so that it doesn’t create a negative experience.


AI technology has the ability to completely change and revitalize entire industries. In some cases, artificial technology can actually become the base for a new vertical, like in real-time bidding digital marketing models. 

With that said, it’s essential to track the development of this field and incorporate AI solutions into your business only if they create a better experience for your customers.

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