5 Components of the Gem4me Ecosystem

5 Components of the Gem4me Ecosystem

Development of the Gem4me ecosystem initiated with the messenger: the first version was released on Google Play store in 2016. The MarketSpace commercial platform was introduced to the ecosystem in 2019. Ever since then, developers followed the path similar to the WeChat platform, which replaces no less than 10 various services for a modern user in China. The European segment still does not have an ecosystem of this kind, which is exactly why Elon Musk started discussing the creation of a “European WeChat”. Although, while Musk is only planning, developers of Gem4me are already successfully implementing. So, what does Gem4me contain?


The classic functionality of a messenger is not subject to a close review, as everyone knows that a quality messenger allows to exchange free messages of various kinds (text, audio, video, images, stickers and etc.), as well as, place voice calls to both an individual or a group.  Gem4me is essentially different by the fact that it does not have any limitations or paid for options. For instance, messages of any size can be exchanged, users can host conferences for up to 1000 participants, transcribe voice messages to text free of charge and much more.

Commercial platform 

No surprises here either - users can purchase and sell any products and services (with the exception of illegal ones), while the payments will be quite minimal: MarketSpace takes approximately 5% commission for any type of products sold. Apart from products, users can also offer services, for instance, tutoring sessions or consultations with design specialists. Given the options, the platform is built on the foundation of the messenger, as getting in touch with a merchant becomes much easier, convenient and more secure than elsewhere.

Blog platform 

5 Components of the Gem4me Ecosystem

The option of hosting one's own blog in the ecosystem is not a unique functionality, yet only Gem4me has a built in catalogue of channels which allows for any user to promptly locate content based on their specific interests. The catalogue of channels is organized by the principle of an application store: most interesting channels are located on top, chosen based on user preferences (these preferences are entered by each user upon their initial launch of the application), followed by recommended and most popular channels below, while the very bottom depicts the general list of thousands of blogs available. Bloggers can not only create small text notes in their channels, but also generate long reads (there is a built-in editor option), attach videos and host live broadcasts. Moreover, creators can also receive donations from their subscribers, as all the necessary functionality for such is available in the ecosystem. 

News feed

Yet another advantage of Gem4me from the classic messengers - is the ability to read all the latest news from all the blogs in one place. Practically speaking, the news feed looks like a simple feed of any social network, in which the posts are in a chronological order. Developers do not use any algorithms to increase or decrease the content; hence, users can be confident in the fact that nothing will be missed. Future plans include expansion of the news feed through channel offerings similar to those a user is already subscribed to.

Advertising platform 

Gem4me Ads - the latest direction of its development, which is in the testing mode at this time. It is an advertising exchange platform which will allow blog owners to earn by using it. Users will be able to advertise their own blogs, as well as, a third party website; bring users to a specific post in a channel, or to a particular product in MarketSpace. Currently, developers are finalizing the model that will generate pricing, upon the completion of which, Gem4me Ads will be released. 


Ecosystems are always beneficial to a user: one application allows users to find not just one service, but rather a whole list of them. Moreover, services are mutually supportive of one another by adding convenience and saving time, which modern users already are short on. Users in China have WeChat - we have Gem4me. Otherwise, one can wait for Elon Musk, although he is quite occupied already. 


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