5 Free cPanel Alternatives for Linux VPS and Dedicated Servers

5 Free cPanel Alternatives for Linux VPS and Dedicated Servers
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14 October 2022

What is cPanel?

Cpanel has gained popularity as the primary control panel that consumers use while using a Linux VPS as a result of the rise of VPS as a service in recent years. Read my guide to Install cPanel/WHM on CentOS 8 if you are unfamiliar with installing cPanel on Linux servers. It's crucial to distinguish Web Host Manager from cPanel. Even though the two frequently come in the same package, they are distinct and serve different purposes. While cPanel is an end-user application that controls a single hosted account, domain resellers like GoDaddy utilize WHM (Web Host Manager) to administer entire servers.

Best Free cPanel Alternatives

Here is a list of free alternatives to cPanel if you want to host your website but for any reason don't want to use it. Here are the top 5 free cPanel alternatives, without further ado.



ISPConfig is a free alternative to cPanel. It is now experiencing a sharp increase in user growth. One basic feature that beats cPanel and many of its rivals may be the reason for their recent success: using one ISPConfig control panel to handle multiple servers at once.


ISPConfig also offers several capabilities that are also available in other free control panels on the market, including the ability to set up an Apache web server, host personal emails, and support for IPv4 and IPv6. It is appropriate for domain sales because it supports client, reseller, and administrator access levels.




Another control panel that has succeeded in competing as the best cPanel alternative is Vesta. Vesta, in contrast to ISPConfig, has focused on the market's less knowledgeable user base. A guiding principle that is visible on their home page and in their simple-to-install panel.

Vesta is renowned for providing its users with a regular stream of reports that include graphs and all the other good stuff and offering advice on how to best maximize their experience with their servers. Vesta is also among the lightest panels you can install on a server, wasting little to no processing power. This improves it for users of low-end servers.


Vesta has already justified its low resource allocation on the list for today, and rightfully so. Froxlor, on the other hand, goes a step further in this regard. The majority of the top cPanel alternatives take great pride in being lightweight. Contrarily, as a VPS management panel, Froxlor has come to represent this idea. The ultimate lightweight VPS management panel is being created by a large group of anonymous developers known as "Froxies" who work on Froxlor through an open-source method.




Many of the top cPanel alternatives spend a lot of money advertising how they can completely replace it. However, when it comes to using them, OSX and Windows support is either poor or nonexistent. Indeed, the market for VPS control panels lacks compatibility with OSX and Windows. The primary cPanel substitute, ZPanel, tackles this problem by offering support for a variety of operating systems.

ZesleCP Changelog: https://zeslecp.com/changelog/


ZPanel makes no compromises in exchange for this adaptability. It provides all the common features included in other cPanel substitutes. Specifically, hosted emails, file management, database management, and a clean and user-friendly interface. ZPanel is not satisfied with adaptability serving as its single differentiator. Additionally, it provides the option of hosting numerous domains on a single server. a service that is more in demand today.




One of the most well-known cPanel alternatives is, by far, Ajenti. It is renowned for using a balanced strategy to develop an effective VPS management panel. It also has the highest market share of any alternative to cPanel.


It has one of the best user interfaces available in addition to being free. With this user-centered approach to UI design, anyone can administer their servers remotely with ease. It is also not hardware-intensive and reasonably light. Despite offering a wide range of controls, it is nonetheless simple to use. They are always trying to enhance the user experience. 


This is a significant service that many other cPanel substitutes overlook. Similar to Vesta, Ajenti provides its users with specialized analytical help in the form of analytics and graphs that may be utilized to optimize your servers' performance.




VPS and WHS (Work Health and Safety) services work in tandem to support businesses and opportunities in a world that is becoming more internationalized and globally connected. You have a variety of options depending on your preferences and the specifics of your server hosting requirements. While many other web hosting services are gaining on, cPanel continues to dominate the market and enjoy the highest reputation and market share. So it's wise to look at both paid and free alternatives and decide which is best for you.

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