5 Important traits to be a good Singapore property agent

5 Important traits to be a good Singapore property agent
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When you want to buy property in Singapore there are many things that you need to know. There are also complicated processes that await you. Singapore has one of the most complicated property markets in Asia. This is because of the many residents, both local and foreign, that want to move here. There is a high demand to work in Singapore as it has many job opportunities. It has a diverse economy that anyone from any field can be welcomed here. 


However, it is not a surprise that it has one of the most expensive costs of living. This is because it is relatively a small country. The high demand for a living space in Singapore makes the competition tighter for everyone. This is one of the factors why buying or renting a property in Singapore is a vigorous and complicated process. However, you don't have to worry as there are many helping hands available. Since there is an existing issue with Singapore's property market, there is a huge volume of professionals available. These professionals are the Singapore property agent. 


Singapore property agent is a well-trained professional that is long exposed in the property market. They are trained and educated individuals to help potential buyers and sellers with their property. In a sea of many Singapore property agent professionals, it is hard to stand out. There are a lot of similar and different traits these property agents possess. To be able to differentiate the good ones, here are 5 important traits to be a good Singapore property agent.

#1 Honest

One of the most important traits of a good Singapore property agent is honesty. Buying or selling property involves a lot of time and effort. It also involves a great amount of money. In a property market like Singapore's, one can easily be fooled or be given false hopes. A good property agent is honest when it comes to the status or progress of property hunting or selling. A Singapore property agent should be someone that does not hide even the littlest details to a client who wants to buy property in Singapore. You can opt to hire someone from a known firm to make sure that you are hiring a credible Singapore property agent.

#2 Can communicate well

When you want to buy property in Singapore, you must take note that it is a two-way street. It is a process that is taken by you and your Singapore property agent. That is why you must choose someone that can communicate well. Your property agent must understand that his or her clients are also busy individuals. A good agent is someone who can give updates and other important information to his or her clients in an organized manner. A client should not be left wondering about the status of the property. 

#3 Detail-oriented

The agent should also be detail-oriented. This is important because of the many property options in Singapore, when you buy property in Singapore there are overwhelming options. Your agent should be detail-oriented enough to help you find the property that best fits what you have in mind. It should be something that is affordable and something that is the closest to what you have envisioned. Properties may look the same but a detail-oriented property agent can notice even the smallest differences.

#4 Well-connected

A good property is well-connected. When you buy property in Singapore there would be a lot of competition. There may be a lot of options but as you go through this process you’d realize that there are fewer options than you thought. This is why your agent should be well-connected. They should have a wide range of connections when it comes to the property market. This would help you land your dream property. Being limited to few people would give your agent a hard time looking for more options that both fit your budget and dream style. 

#5 Problem-solver

Lastly, your agent should be a problem solver. They should be able to mend things with or without consulting you. They should be able to always keep the process of buying a property on track. Little problems should not be an issue as they know what to do and how to solve them. This is important because as busy individuals we do not have all the time in the world to address all issues. Your property agent should be able to solve issues on their own. 

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