5 Popular YouTube Promotion Services Used By Bloggers

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5 Popular YouTube Promotion Services Used By Bloggers

Getting the first thousand views and subscribers is the most difficult thing, because almost no one knows about the newly created YouTube channel. To solve this problem, special services have been developed to promote videos and channels on the Internet.

We have prepared a selection of proven online services that offer many options and opportunities for promoting on YouTube. Some of them will be useful not only for beginners, but also for experienced bloggers, as well as for large entrepreneurs and business owners.


More about the service

Gyre continuous streaming service helps streamers earn money, gain subscribers and promote their channel. The thing is that now YouTube algorithms are increasingly giving preference to streamers over regular videos. They get more ad space, more traffic, etc., which is why the demand for video streaming has increased.

This service will help solve this problem, and help the blogger to gain the necessary traffic, subscribers, etc. Gyre launches your broadcast in a continuous format. How does it work? You upload your video for streaming to a server dedicated to you. Then create a playlist from it and start your broadcast. After the stream ends, Gyre restarts it again. Thus, your stream goes 24/7. This allows you to go about your business while your channel and stream work for you.

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  • Low price

  • Good and fast servers

  • Stable afterwards without interruption

  • Various plans for each client


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SMOService is a service for promoting start-up and already promoted projects, cooperating with all popular social networks. Through it, you can order real video views, since the service does not use cheat programs. SMOService uses several large sources for advertising, which allows us to provide a guarantee of order fulfillment. The advertising tools of the service are automated and at the same time set up for personal promotion of a particular channel. You can use the services to create a promotion strategy, draw up a promotion plan, and ensure a regular flow of customers.


  • An economical system for large one-time and wholesale orders: the service provides both cheap and expensive channel promotion services.

  • Premium turnkey promotion with a guarantee.

  • Guaranteed video output in YouTube trends: if the video is not displayed in trends, the system will automatically return the money to the client's balance.

  • Services for obtaining subscribers at 5.9-7.39 ₽ per account.


More about the service

vidIQ is a service designed specifically for promoting a channel on YouTube, through which you can start working for free. Thanks to it, you can increase the organic reach of your video, use a variety of tools for optimizing and promoting video content. The service offers an online statistics panel to track results in real time.


  • Individual recommendations for working with the channel, video analytics, comparison of results with competitors, subscriber analysis.

  • Development of a video publishing plan and content strategy according to the needs of the customer, regular channel checks, cooperation with well-known media personalities.

  • Rapid increase in the base of tags by 10 times.

  • Services of a personal consultant for working with YouTube, channel audit.


More about the service

Through the SocLike service, you can quickly get subscribers and video views, as well as comments and likes without the risk of deleting the video and blocking the channel. This improves behavioral factors and helps in promoting the channel on YouTube. You can additionally order the output of the video in YouTube trends. Working with the service is simple: just add the tariff of interest to the basket, and then pay for it.


  • High quality of attracted subscribers, no bots.

  • Simple and intuitive user interface.

  • No risk of account blocking.

  • Over 20 payment options.


More about the service

Viboom is a service for native video advertising and video promotion in social networks, on thematic sites, in Telegram. It offers many video posting formats: native, in social media players, In-Stream, 4Post, ads from popular bloggers. Viboom can also sow streaming broadcasts of conferences, events, and speeches.

Native advertising provides voluntary video viewing, its viral coverage, user engagement and loyalty, and the absence of annoyance from advertising, as people perceive it as part of the content. Many global brands and major advertising agencies cooperate with Viboom.


  • Competent selection of sites for posting videos that correspond to the target audience. The sites go through a multi-stage selection for the absence of prohibited content, which ensures the safety of the brand's reputation.

  • Targeting by gender, age, hobbies, country and city.

  • Ability to add your hashtags, a link to the company's channel.

  • Individual player settings: built-in social media buttons, incentives to complete a target action, interactive forms, tracking pixels, overlay image.

  • Lots of free viral views thanks to likes and reposts.

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