5 Tips for managing Facebook ads as a beginner

5 Tips for managing Facebook ads as a beginner

Managing a Facebook Page, whether it's your own or for a client, can seem overwhelming when you're just starting. It's important to consider when and what you should post on Facebook and how and what you should spend your advertising budget on.

This blog is intended to help those just starting with Facebook ad management or simply needing a refresher on the topic.

  1. Facebook Profiles vs. Pages

How do they differ? A Facebook Page is for businesses or brands, while a profile page is for individuals. What's the point? The benefits of pages to businesses include access to analytics, the ability to promote the page and posts, and the ability to have multiple contributors. First, make sure the Facebook account is a page, not a profile when starting a campaign.

  1. Facebook Page Promotion

You can promote your business on Facebook by using an advertising budget. The success of your Facebook page depends on this. Your company's posts are more likely to be seen if you have an advertising budget. About 2 percent of people will only see your Facebook posts if you don't use Facebook as an advertising platform.


You can choose among these three types of audiences:

  • The people who like your page
  • Likers and friends of your Page
  • Targeted people you choose

It's self-explanatory for the first two, but I'll elaborate on the third, 'people you choose through targeting.'

This one requires 'create a new audience.' You can then create your audience in a box.


Make sure you select your location. You might want to select San Diego (+25mi) if you're only in San Diego. Several cities are also available.


As you've heard a million times, Facebook has become a pay-to-play platform.

Remember that the budget is for the day, not the lifetime.

Your estimated budget is $xx. xx if your ad starts running now. It will only appear when you promote a Page, not a post.


Last but not least, choose the promotion's duration. Choose from 1-7 days.

  1. Notifications

Page notifications are important to check. If you are managing a client's page, you should relay any messages and noteworthy posts to them in case they could lead to better brand awareness.

Watch out for these notifications:

  • Inbox messages
  • Other messages
  • New comments/likes
  • Posts to Page
  • People checking in
  1. Stay Up-to-date

Facebook is definitely one platform that sees many updates and changes; if you are not up-to-date with social media news, you cannot manage a Facebook Page effectively.

Social media updates from best sources:

  • Social Media Examiner
  • Adweek
  • Social Media Today
  • Search Engine Land
  • AdEspresso

Are you aware of this? Facebook cleaned up inactive accounts on March 12th. Don't fear if you notice a drop in Facebook fans around that time! The situation is positive. How come? If you spend your budget promoting your page and posting, they are more likely to reach active users who will become fans and engage with your page.

  1. Success Measures

When it comes to managing a Facebook Page, this is the last and probably most crucial step. What will you learn if you don't measure and analyze the results of your page?

Facebook Measurement:

-Facebook Insights: Shows you the likes, reach, visits, posts, and people of your pages.

-Install Google Analytics on your page and review how Facebook impacts traffic to your website each month. See if you promoted a post on a specific date and if referral traffic spiked.

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