5 tips to write an article that will rank you higher in SERP’s

5 tips to write an article that will rank you higher in SERP’s
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15 June 2022

Article writing is very easy for some people, but for some people, it’s quite hard.

But it is not wrong to say that article writing is very easy if you are going the right way, and we can say that there are multiple factors to consider.

Once you consider all the factors, you’ll end up getting the best article and that article will surely rank on SERPs.

Things are not over on content writing! You must take help from the optimization and there is a variety of things included in content optimization.

In this guide, you’ll go through all the factors included in optimization like:

  • Proper headings

  • Keyword research

  • Keyword adjustment

  • Uniqueness

  • Correct grammar

  • And many more

So, let’s have a look at how we can rank our articles on search engines, but first of all, we need to know how to write a winning article.

How to write winning content?

As we have mentioned that article or content writing is not difficult at all but the condition is to go the right way.

But what is meant by the right way?

It refers to the right or relevant steps that you should take if your preference is to write winning content.

Fortunately, we have concluded all the important tips and mentioned them in this guide, so, stay with us and enjoy ranking your content.

  1. Do proper research

Research is always a boss in content writing because it makes you clear about what to write and what to avoid.

We recommend you go through at least two to three sources before writing your content.

You’ll surely get enough content once you crawl different sources, but keep in your mind that you need to choose the authentic sources.

Some of the authentic sources are:

  • High authority sites

  • Journals

  • Forums

  • Books

If your article is related to any educational term, you need to go through a book as well, and you can also take help from newspapers.

Once you did your research, make a rough draft of your content and then decide what to add and what to avoid.

  1. Target right keywords

A keyword is the most important part of content writing, and we can say that without having proper and relevant keywords, we cannot rank our writings.

So, it is very compulsory to target the right keywords, but how can we do it?

It can be possible using different online tools like Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, and many more. We recommend you target the long-tail keywords.

The reason for targeting the long-tail keywords is they can easily rank and make your content reach the right audience.

And once your content reached the right audience, you’ll gain high traffic and that’s all you need.

There are majorly two types of keywords used in content and both of them are enlisted.

  • Primary

  • Secondary

Both of these keyword types are important, it is wrong to say that content ranking is possible while neglecting any of them.

You can also retrieve keywords using the search engine’s suggestions so, there are multiple ways to find out the relevant and right keywords.

  1. Make it unique

This is one of the most important factors and you need to consider it at any cost. There are multiple ways to make your article free from any kind of duplications.

But first of all, have a look at some common types of plagiarism.

  • Self-plagiarism

  • Intentional plagiarism

  • Unintentional plagiarism

  • Paraphrased plagiarism

All these plagiarism types are different but there is one similarity in all of them and that is, that all of them are meant to ignore.

Before submitting your article, check for plagiarism and that’s possible by using a plagiarism checker.

As we all know that a plagiarism checker helps us find the duplicated or plagiarized lines and once you get all of the duplications, you can remove them.

But how can we remove them?

There are multiple ways to avoid plagiarism and some of them are listed down.

  • Use a paraphrasing tool.

  • Cite the sources.

  • Add references.

  • Manual paraphrase the text.

  1. Make your article grammatically fit

Same as plagiarism, grammar is also one of the most important factors to consider. Keep in your mind that wrong or accurate grammar can cause you serious consequences.

It is quite common to get some basic and sometimes advanced grammar mistakes but ignoring them is something more harmful.

Some people think that removing grammar errors is quite difficult and it is not wrong somehow.

But if you’ll use a grammar checker, you can resolve all of your mistakes in no time, and luckily, there are multiple grammar checkers.

A good grammar checker can eliminate the following mistakes:

  • Spelling mistakes

  • Wrong conjunctions

  • Active and passive voice

  • Punctuation errors

When you’ll remove all of the above-mentioned errors, you’ll end up getting readable and grammatically perfect content.

And keep in mind that an article with wrong grammar is very hard to rank on SERPs.

  1. Do proper formatting

Formatting matters a lot!

Article writing is not the only thing you need to focus, but the formatting is also very important. Formatting includes a lot of things.

Some of them are listed down.

  • Main heading

  • Sub-headings

  • Sentence structure

  • Short paragraphs

All of the above-mentioned factors will make your content easy to read and engaging so, it is really important to focus on all of these factors.


For some people writing articles is a job and for some, it is a passion but there is something important and that is ranking the article.

And you cannot rank your articles without focusing on the above-mentioned steps or tips.

In this guide, we have mentioned all the right and relevant tips that can help you get the best content.

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