6 Creative Ways to Use Instagram Stories Polls

6 Creative Ways to Use Instagram Stories Polls
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If you're looking to interact with your audience and capture their interest, Instagram Stories polls are the perfect way to prevent your fans from scrolling past your content!

Instagram Stories polls don't just draw the attention of your Buy Instagram Followers Uk followers however they also give you the opportunity to get direct feedback from your fans and customers.

Instagram offers two new poll stickers that you can apply to your posts The classic poll that comes with two options for answering that can be customized and the new Emoji slider.

Are you unsure of how to utilize Instagram Stories polls for your company?

When you're seeking opinions or just want to entertain your followers, here are 6 inventive ways to make use of Instagram Stories polls in your next post:

#1: Use Instagram Stories Polls to Crowdsource Ideas and Gather Feedback

There is no better method to gather feedback about your products or services than to go directly right to the source?

Instagram Stories poll stickers are an ideal tool for companies to collect ideas from their customers, gather customer feedback, or find which content you customer is looking forward to seeing more of.

Involving those of your Instagram users in the design of your latest products is a fantastic method to get your followers involved and also by asking questions using polls you'll receive directly feedback from potential customers!

If you are using polls in the course of your Instagram advertising strategy you must not just ask the appropriate questions and let your followers know that you're paying attention. When you've completed your Instagram Stories poll is complete (after 24 hours) make sure to share your results!

Take the famous stylist Jen Atkin for example, who recently joined forces with Calpak to develop her own collection of luggage. In announcing her new collection, Jen posted the findings of the Instagram Stories polls from last year, as well as the features that her followers helped develop that are now found in the collection today:

If you find that your Instagram Stories poll results are making a difference tell your followers! Your followers will be delighted to know that their opinions was a positive change and they will be more likely to stay engaged with your stories if they are aware that they're being valued.

#2: Bring Traffic Back to Your Website by using Instagram Stories Polls

Instagram initially introduced the capability to provide links to Instagram Stories in the year 2017, which made it more simple than ever before to bring visitors to a website of a brand.

Since then, companies are looking for innovative and inventive ways to make people swipe up their stories. For making their "swipe up" stand-out, companies are making use of Instagram Stories polls to get their followers ' attention and to drive traffic to the page.

Look at Who What Wears. The most popular online platform for fashion content typically employs Instagram Stories polls to drive visitors to their blog posts.

For instance, they conducted the poll to help their fans speculate "How much does Meghan Markle's entire tour wardrobe cost?" They then instructed them to swipe left to get the answer.

The Zoe Report also uses a similar strategy. In the latest Instagram Stories article, they teased viewers with the following statement: "This is how much you should have in savings by 30" Then, they asked a question that can only be resolved after reading the post:

After their readers clicked across to open the story They could then return to the article and provide their responses to the poll, indicating in the event that "it is more or less than you thought".

Utilizing Instagram Story polls in order to encourage your users to scroll up for more is an excellent method to create a lot of attention and bring visitors back to your site.

Instagram Stories They are a cost-free quick, simple, and efficient method to keep in touch with your Instagram users, even if they don't view your usual posts. Discover how you can increase the reach of your business with stories by taking our 45-minute free video course:

#3: Use Instagram Stories Polls to Learn More About Your Audience

One of the most effective ways to connect with your followers (and make them talk) is to start asking questions!

Instagram Stories polls can be an excellent way to discover the followers' interests and dislikes as well as what they'd like to see more on your Instagram account.

Do they want to have more content on your feed or in stories? Do they prefer behind-the-scenes photos or content? Do they prefer the idea of reading captions that are short or long There's no way to find how to answer these queries until you ask!

These types of questions will help you establish deeper relationships with your customers and keep returning for more while you customize the content you create to match their interests and preferences!

#4: Use Instagram Stories Polls to Educate Your Audience on Your Brand

Utilizing Instagram Story polls can be an excellent way to allow your followers to discover your brand.

If you're launching a brand new product or simply want to highlight the uniqueness of your brand including a survey to your blog is a an excellent way to stop people in their tracks, get their attention and keep them glued to see more!

Take Girlfriend Collective for example. The activewear brand based in Seattle makes use of Instagram Stories polls to catch their fans' attention and create excitement for a major announcement by the brand:

Businesses can make use of Instagram Stories polls in order to announce new product announcements and brand announcements as well as any other information you want to are sharing with your followers! Whatever you're posting, polls is a great method to create a fun, engaging element in your posts that your followers will enjoy.

Do you want to speed up managing your Instagram marketing? You can now plan posts for your Instagram Stories posts with Later!

#5: Engage Your Followers by using Instagram Stories Polls

Instagram Stories poll stickers can be a fantastic method to get your fans engaged and talking about your company.

It's also a simple way to let your followers know you're a person to talk to and an actual person in your profile.

Take the Fan Club Clothing for an example. They recently asked their customers the simple (and entertaining!) question "Where does your nostalgia lie?" Then they followed it up with polls featuring rock stars from the past:

This "game" aligned perfectly with their branding and was a fantastic method to get their followers to engage and share their content. These types of questions don't require much thinking, and are enjoyable to answer and are an excellent method to leave a lasting memories with your fans!

However you decide to use Instagram Stories polls, just make sure that they are in line with your brand's general business objectives. When you take time to consider the answers that your audience is likely to read, you're more likely to have people to engage by engaging with the content.

#6: Use the Emoji Slider Poll to Give Your Followers More Choices

Have you ever thought to inquire of your audience questions but you wanted to provide more than two answers?

You can now!

Companies are already doing this by experimenting with the emoji slider, giving their customers more options and moving away from the traditional "yes or no" questions! By adding text to the slider, you are able to offer more answers as users can slide the slider to either left or right, and then release it to send their answer.

Consider Oceana as an illustration. The environmental foundation has added the words to their story alongside the Emoji slider to inform their readers about the different kinds of wildlife:

You can also change the emoji slider either vertical or horizontal, to make it more compatible with the image you're sharing

The Emoji slider offers an excellent opportunity for companies to come up with unique, personalized responses to polls in a playful and innovative method!

How to Add Instagram Stories Polls to Your Posts

The ability to add a poll to the stories of your Instagram Stories is easy!

Begin by pressing the sticker for the poll when you've uploaded a photo of video or photo to Instagram Stories. You can choose to either use the traditional two-option poll or the Emoji slider.

Then, you can select your poll and then write your question. For example, you might write "How do you drink your coffee?"

If you're using the traditional poll, you can modify both the prompt and responses. When you're using an emoji slider you'll have the ability to modify the text prompt as well as the emoji which animates when the participants make their choice:

Once you've completed your prompts, put it in the location buy instagram followers you'd like to on your photo or video and add it to your story!

Utilizing this feature consistently will add a personal touch in Your Instagram Stories and help you to build a following. There is a step-by step Instagram guide on how to use the traditional poll here, and the Emoji slider here.

Hope this provides you with the confidence you require to begin with Instagram Stories polls in your own posts! If you're seeking feedback from your clients or looking to initiate conversations, Instagram Stories polls are an excellent way to begin connecting with your customers!

Did we missed anything? What do you think you will do to make use of Instagram Stories polls to engage with your followers?

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