6 Future Gadgets of Tech that you'll see in the next years

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What are some really cool future gadgets you are aware of? What if we tell you we have more than long flying drones and humanoid robots that have set a benchmark for futuristic tech gadgets? 

The future is technology, and technology is definitely the future. That said, we cannot agree more on how much technology has streamlined our daily lives. From automated cars to virtual reality gadgets, technology has become imperative. Moreover, it is a privilege for us to be part of the technology era.

Of all the capabilities it has, technology has the ability to change the world. Modern-day technology is innovative. The technology we are currently exposed to has paved the way for us to innovate further. 

In the next five minutes, we will show you some surprising future gadgets that will change your perception of technology and its future.

Provided below is the list of future Tech Gadgets that we have to adopt.

3 Future Gadgets that will blow your mind

  1. Microchip implants to pay with your hands

What if you don’t have to carry your digital or physical wallets for payments anymore? Somewhere in April 2022, a 37-year-old caused a stir every time he would pay at restaurants. He would simply forward his left hand near the contactless card reader and make the payment. Weighing less than a gram, Walletmor’s chip is slightly bigger than a grain of rice. The chip has a tiny microchip and an antenna encased in a biopolymer. Biopolymer is a naturally sourced material, like plastic. 

It is entirely safe and has regulatory approval. It works immediately after implantation and stays firmly in place. Walletmor uses near-field communication or NFC. The technology is a contactless payment system used in smartphones. To date, the firm has sold over 500 chips.

  1. An umbrella that forecasts rain weather

You cannot call for rain checks anymore. We now have an umbrella that can forecast the weather. The Ambient umbrella uses technology and innovation to call for rain. It communicates with the users through a series of patterned blue lights. These lights show if the forecast calls for rain.

A wireless receiver at the handle of the umbrella is armed with your ZIP code. It connects to AccuWeather and then glows and pulses a gentle blue light if the weather is clear. The umbrella is battery-powered and is available in the market currently. It costs about $125.   

  1. A camera to capture every moment of your life

What if you could record every moment of your life and live through them at the same time? Using the 'Narrative Clip', you can track every moment of your day. It is a pedometer-sized camera that can be attached to a jacket or a shirt or even a necklace. It records high-resolution geo-tagged images every 30 seconds (without prompting).

Whether it is a beautiful sunset or a random stranger at the airport, you can capture everything.

3 Future Tech Gadgets that justify “The Future is Tech”

  • A robo-pet with numerous emotions

Debuting as the 'Living AI', the Emobot is a smart robot with a unique personality. Emobot is one of the coolest future tech gadgets. He is also a cool sidekick and a versatile helper.

Emo can perform many tasks. He can move autonomously and explore his surroundings, track sounds, and recognize people and objects. He can even navigate your desktop’s perimeter without (ever) falling off it. He makes his own decisions, evolves his personality accordingly, and responds with many expressions and movements while expressing his feelings with emotions with his latest Emotion Engine System. He might as well get a little annoyed if you try interrupting him!

  • A self-cleaning and purifying bottle

If you’re tired of cleaning your bottles every now and then to get rid of the stink, this bottle will help you with the chore. The LARQ Bottle is the world’s first self-cleaning water bottle! It purifies your water and neutralizes the stinking smell of bottle mouth that is hated worldwide. Let us explain how the bottle’s self-cleaning mechanism works.

The LARQ Water Bottle Filtered uses Nano Zero filter technology that has a layer of activated carbon and nano zero technology. Even if you are collecting water from sources such as rivers, the bottle’s technology can also filter out the bits of sediment in the water. It is insulated from within and hence, the water stays cool or hot for much longer than a standard bottle. In fact, the bottle is airport-friendly as well as travel-friendly. With the LARQ Bottle Filtered, you can save a lot of money since it’s reusable. You can also drop it (accidentally) and there will be no impact on its technology or the bottle itself.

  • An LED Cap with many colors and flashing modes

How to be the life of a party? With the Ruconla Fiber Optical LED Cap! The cap comes in 7 light-up colors (red, green, blue, gold, light blue, purple, and white). It has 5 flashing modes (Monochrome, Flash, Gradual, Smooth, Polychromatic).

The hat is unisex and easy to wear. You can adjust its size using the adjustable strap and buckle. It emits no radiation and is harmless to the body. The hat takes up to 2 hours to charge and once charged, you can use it for up to 2-4 hours without any pause. You can also wash it gently. The Ruconla Fiber Optic Cap LED hat is portable. So, you can carry it around wherever you go.

Trends in the use of future tech gadgets

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been a noticeable trend toward the daily use of various future tech gadgets—especially health monitoring and connected home devices. The use of smartwatches, fitness bands, and voice-activated devices is very high right now. According to various reports, Scandinavian users who own a smartwatch reported using it every day at the rate of 64%. This is a drop from the 70% who said they had done so in 2020, but it is still an increase over the 61 percent who did so in 2019, before the pandemic. Similar trends have been observed in the daily use of fitness bands, which decreased significantly from 55 percent in 2020 to 53 percent in 2021, compared to 51 percent in 2019 prior to the pandemic.

Future Gadgets and their Future

A survey by Deloitte indicates an increase in ownership and use of tech gadgets in Scandinavia over the past few years, in line with the global trend. The increased popularity of health monitoring devices and smart home products is due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the induced restrictions. However, with the reopening of gyms and other health centers, their demand might drop as people have stopped spending less time at home and more on venturing outside. The bottom line is people (might as well) have become a permanent part of the tech-driven post-pandemic world. What do you think is the future of future gadgets?

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