6 Interesting Facts about Jane Foster, the Mighty Thor Appears in Thor: Love and Thunder

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Thor: Love and Thunder is officially screened in Indonesia starting today, Wednesday (6/7/2022). Besides the god, Thor, the character Jane Foster (played by Natalie Portman) who appears as Mighty Thor is also the target of the audience. Jane Foster in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) is introduced as Thor's lover who is a human. Unlike Thor, who is known as a god.

Those of you who are planning to watch Thor: Love and Thunder may need to know some interesting facts about Jane Foster to get to know them better and here are six of them.

1. Introduced to the Public in 1962

Jane Foster was introduced by Marvel in 1962. At that time, she was only made as a supporting character. However, since 2014, he has become important, especially as it relates to the Thor story. Evidently, he is present as Mighty Thor in the latest Thor film.

2. Was Once a Valkyrie

In the War of The Realms storyline, there is a war led by Malekith, which involves all of Asgard's enemies. They unite to attack the earth and try to dominate it.

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However, Asgard's army of Valkyries came and blocked them. The war was won by the Valkyries. Unfortunately, many victims fell including Brunhilde, whose spirit cursed Jane Foster and turned her into a Valkyrie.

3. He doesn't want his identity as Mighty Thor to be known

When she became the female version of Thor, Jane preferred to keep her true identity a secret. He really can keep it, to ask Thor and Odin not to divulge it to many people.

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Despite being insulted and mistreated by others, Jane prefers to be patient and doesn't want to use her powers as Mighty Thor for revenge or hurting others.

4. Once Crushed Thor's Hammer

Jane Foster as Mighty Thor once fought with Mangog, a very strong monster figure and because of this she was willing to destroy Thor's hammer named Mjolnir in order to defeat Mangog.

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Profile of Natalie Portman, who played Jane Foster in Thor: Love and Thunder

Jane is forced to use Thor's hammer to defeat Mangog, who is bound to Mangog and then Mangog and Mjolnir are thrown into the sun. Instantly, the two of them shattered simultaneously.

5. Never Die

When Jane Foster as Mighty Thor gave up Mjolnir to defeat Mangog, it actually made him die because his Thor hammer was destroyed.

Luckily, Thor and Odin brought him back to life by using the God Storm in Mjolnir, so after that Jane woke up and only died for a few moments.

6. Never Remember Thor

The relationship between Thor and Jane Foster is quite complicated because they are not from the same lineage and planet. One of the obstacles, the rules that do not allow humans side by side with the God of Asgard.

This even applies when humans become Goddesses though. Jane is tested by Odin to prove she deserves to be in Asgard. Unfortunately, Ja failed and had to be returned to Earth. All memories of Thor were also erased without exception.

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