6 Platforms to Learn How to Develop Games

6 Platforms to Learn How to Develop Games
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23 December 2022

More people are engaging in short periods of time due to the increasing use of technology in the gaming industry. Many people play games for entertainment purposes, while others want to be professional gamers.

Undoubtedly, with increasing engagement in the gaming industry, game development platforms are also increasing. A game developer needs to be very careful in regard to things such as graphics, visuals, software development, and more. Do you know about the prominent game development platforms?

No need to worry! In this blog, we’ll try to uncover popular platforms that lead to massive game development.


The platform has covered half of the gaming industry due to its easy user interface. This platform also helps in learning the intricacies involved in game development. There are a few tutorials available on this platform with no charges.

Unity helps by offering amazing photographic effects with games that make modern titles more interesting to play. Some of the other creative features of this tool are advanced graphical effects, collaboration, next-gen gaming, and more.

This tool offers incredible potential to game creators and learners of the gaming industry.


AppGameKit is another tool that helps in Android game development. It provides an easy interface to users by using an analogous coding language such as C++. So, anyone with hands-on experience on a good gaming PC can easily develop new games.

The fact that this tool is cross-platform is its most notable feature. Simply put, it means that the games developed on this software are available on multiple platforms simultaneously. The supported platforms for it are Windows, iOS, phones, Androids, etc.


The CryEngine software is popular for offering graphical outputs. If you want to develop the game with the best quality visuals, then this platform suits you best. CryEngine is widely recognized due to the inclusion of superlative tools such as flowgraphs.

This tool assists the developer in creating a more appealing and compelling gaming environment for the end user. That simultaneously help in creating a smooth gaming experience and top-glass gaming. Aside from that, you can configure tools that lead to the creation of animations.

Unreal Engine:

Unreal Engine doesn’t need hard programming skills for the purpose of game development. So it is a kind of user-centric tool that helps with the purposes of game development. This platform allows gamers to easily modify and enhance visuals.

Indeed, this is a set of tools that make gaming and simulation more powerful. Moreover, this platform offers a user-friendly design and accurate graphics that can unlock the world of 3D gaming.

Furthermore, the platform proposes publishing as well as free creator licensing. However, you get charged a customs value for getting the license.

Amazon Lumberyard:

This all-inclusive platform belongs to the Amazon family. Amazon Lumberyard serves the purpose of developing games as well as creating gaming communities. It is an important AAA game engine that supports Twitch integration, VR preview mode, and visual scripting gears.

With this Amazon product, you can experience an AWS cloud system that makes your gaming more secure and safer. It is free to use, and it works well with Adobe Photoshop.


This platform provides JavaScript support for the game. Titanium covers all the essential and well-organized specialties that can save game developers from coding.

The free platform with interface technologies can boost developers' interests. This also doesn’t require several tools or coding languages.

Bottom Line:

These five game development platforms are superlative and widespread across the community of game developers. While selecting the best game development platform, you must be cautious in regard to phases of game development such as discovery, production, testing, release, and post-release.

Besides this, you must have a gaming laptop that caters to the needs of game development, such as a high refresh rate, colour contrast, immersion, and so on.

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