6 Tips for Maximizing Social Media Video Engagement

6 Tips for Maximizing Social Media Video Engagement
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20 August 2022

Most marketers and content creators know that video is the King of Content. It is the most-watched, most engaging, and most effective way to convey your brand message to the public in the modern age. This article will help you create highly engaging and compelling video content for your social media pages.

Before we begin, the most important thing to remember regarding social media video content is that your approach depends on several factors such as platform, content type, audience, and what you want your content to achieve. For example, social media video ads are different from YouTube video content. And your approach to TikTok video content will be different from Instagram.

But besides these differences, there are general rules you should abide by to maximize your social media video engagement - Let's take a look at six of the best!

1 - Produce High-Quality Videos

As video has become more popular on social media, consumers and platforms have become accustomed to high-quality visual content. The vast majority of marketers' desired audience also views their content on powerful devices that can play and capture high-res video content. You must consistently churn out high-quality videos to compete effectively in the social media video environment.

Your videos should be engaging and fun to watch. It is crucial to make videos that look aesthetic are fun to watch, yet make an impact on the audience. You must figure out the niche and purpose of making videos. While following the trend is a great option to gain more audience, finding your individuality in competition is also crucial. Using high-quality cameras and tools is important, but the content also plays a pivotal role.

To ensure high-quality video content, remember the following:

  • For brighter, clearer images, use a sunny window with lots of natural light or purchase an inexpensive ring light.

  • Ensure the recording space has good acoustics so the audio can be recorded silently. To eliminate echo, furniture and soft objects can be placed in the area to absorb sound.

  • Make sure to shoot stable footage by resting your camera or phone on a tripod or even a stack of books.

  • If you're using your phone for photography, clean your lens.

  • If you're shooting videos with your phone, you can edit them on iPhone and Android.

2 - Start With A Strong Hook

A video's first few seconds are crucial because they will most likely stop watching if they fail to immediately get the user's attention. You can increase viewer engagement by creating a powerful hook. The most crucial part is to get a user's attention and get them to click on the video.

Once they have clicked on the video, you should keep them engaged until the end. The first 15 seconds of the video are crucial, making it interesting using a hook. Also, don’t use clickbait often, as it annoys the audience and makes you less trusting.

Furthermore, a powerful opening teases the topic of your video. Start with a compelling question or a key takeaway. As your video hook is essential, it should be straightforward and concise to encourage your viewers to watch further.

3 - Show Up In Your Videos

Appearing in your social media videos can significantly impact your engagement rate. Comments, likes, and shares will increase trust between you and your audience.

People nowadays like to build meaningful connections and personally get to know an influencer or blogger. Showing your face will help your audience know you personally and relate to you more deeply.

Additionally, people will come to know you as a person. Rather than viewing advertisements that make them feel like your company doesn't have a voice, they now see videos that make them feel like a human voice is behind it.

Thus, you will be able to build better relationships with your customers and will be able to keep them as long-term customers.

4 - Include Subtitles And Text

Subtitles are helpful in the following situations:

  • Audience with hearing issues

  • Listening skills have not yet been developed enough in your audience because they speak a language different from your own

  • Headphones, headsets, and hands-free devices are not available in public areas.

Some social media platforms automatically create subtitles, such as Facebook and YouTube, but others, like TikTok and Instagram Reels, require you to add subtitles manually.

Adding textual content to your video, even if only the music is playing in the background, will give viewers more meaning and encourage them to watch. The best way to build seamless branding on social media is to use the same font, colors, and style on your posts.

5 - Create A Mobile-Friendly Video

Mobile-friendly sites have been transformed into mobile-responsive sites. Therefore, the importance of having a mobile video cannot be overstated.

Video optimization for mobile is one of the most important steps when making a video. You are unlikely to get your followers to watch your content if it is only suitable for horizontal rather than square formats. Your audience usually checks social media on their phones instead of a desktop or laptop.

6 - Make It Fun!

Many companies and brands make the mistake of creating video content that is too serious or overly concerned with details. It's understandable since they're on the analyzing and marketing end, and getting the brand message across is a priority.

However, people enjoy viewing and reading content that makes them laugh, smile, or feel connected. So don't just send out marketing texts and ads related to sales. The key to creating compelling videos is storytelling and human interaction.

It's imperative to share video content that isn't exclusively about your company. Making sure it's relevant to your audience might take a little more work, but it's worth it in the end.

For marketers, social media video content should be the prime area of focus. And while you'll need to do your homework regarding formats and nuances for the various platforms, hopefully, these golden rules regarding social media video engagement will help build the foundation for a successful campaign!

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