6 Unexpected Features of Gem4me That Will Surprise You

6 Unexpected Features of Gem4me That Will Surprise You
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Even the most famous products are able to surprise: you use them for years only to find certain functionality that you had no idea existed. It is not as relevant if the feature is not of much use; however, features of such nature often make an application much more convenient and make life much simpler. In regards to new features, Gem4me has significantly more of such functions. At first glance it may look like just a messenger, yet, what can we find within?     

Catalog of Channels (blogs)

Despite other messengers having public channels, locating all of them in one section is practically impossible. For instance, users of Telegram need to either turn to third party services or use the search system. However, only those channels that are popular with subscribers and are well-known can be located through the search. Therefore, what should a user do when they simply wish to browse the available selection of channels and find one to their liking? 

6 Unexpected Features of Gem4me That Will Surprise You

On the contrary, Gem4me offers a catalog of channels for this exact purpose. To access it, simply press the “Channels” button and proceed to the “Catalog” section. There users will see widgets depicting most popular channels, fastest growing ones and a selection of channels chosen specifically for an individual user. Moreover, in case the offered array of channels is not sufficient, users can also generate a selection of channels based on a specific category (for example, “wellness and health”) and review all the blogs that the platform offers. 

News Feed

A news feed, of course, is not a unique feature nowadays. Although, it is a unique feature just for the messengers. It is absent in WhatsApp and in Telegram. However, Gem4me does have it! Gem4me’s news feed depicts posts by all the blogs and channels that a user subscribes to, having chosen their favorite ones from the catalog of channels. To access it simply press “Channels” and then “News Feed”. 

First and foremost, the news feed is necessary for the convenience of reading. Open it in the evening and you can see all the posts that your favorite bloggers posted over the course of the day, no need to go to each individual channel to catch up. Moreover, users can leave likes and comments directly from the news feed, save posts or report them, or better yet, use all the functionalities that they are accustomed to on social networks. 

Transcription of Voice Messages

Perhaps you have already purchased the paid subscription in Telegram to have the ability to transcribe voice messages to text in case your surroundings contain many people who send voice messages frequently. The good news are that you can now save your money. Gem4me offers transcription of voice messages completely free of charge - simply press the “Aa” sign below the histogram of the recording you receive. 

Storing Large Files 

This feature is practically an exploit which will be taken away sooner or later, but nonetheless: Gem4me can currently be used as a personal data storage with no limits. Have no space for a terabyte of downloaded files? Send it through Gem4me and it will remain on Gem4me servers. Moreover, it will be free for you, at least until the time when this convenience is utilized by too many like-minded users. Most likely this shortcut will be shut down at that point (or limits will be implemented at a certain threshold). 

Conferences for Whole Corporations

As well as, schools, enterprises or any other organization in which close to a thousand participants may need to join a conference. You’ve gotten used to paying for calls for even 30 participants, while Gem4me allows for up to 1000 participants to join a conference at once and free of charge. Indeed, the reason for such is still the same - since the usage is not astronomical yet, developers don’t have major expenses due to traffic. Although, those who are aware of this feature will save significant amounts of money at this time. In order to give it a try press the “Calls” section (phone logo) and choose “Conference” thereafter.

6 Unexpected Features of Gem4me That Will Surprise You

Donations for Bloggers 

A donation button was introduced for Gem4me bloggers, but less than half of those who host their channels on the platform have located it by now.  Perhaps, it is possible that the rest are just selfless altruists, but we will still explain the algorithm: open your channel and select the “Edit” option, upon which you can enter a preferred method of receiving donations from your subscribers in the “Link for Donations” field. You can choose whichever option works best for you - from a bank card number to a link to Patreon. 

To summarize, the core advantages of Gem4me are that every feature within is free of charge. It is unknown whether it will remain this way given the application’s growth in popularity, yet those who use all the features the application offers at this time do save a significant amount of money indeed.

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