7 Social Media Optimization Tips For Small Businesses to Grow Online

7 Social Media Optimization Tips For Small Businesses to Grow Online


Social Media has changed the way of doing business online. From launch to scale, social media helps small businesses everywhere. It covers all the needs a small business requires either to launch its business or to grow an existing business online.

But how is social media helping a business so much? According to Statista, the number of active social media users worldwide is estimated at 4.6 Billion in 2022, And there is no doubt that user presence on social media will increase in the next few years.

With the help of social media marketing, small businesses reach out to these users and create an opportunity to convert them into customers. Small to large sized businesses use social media to gain a huge audience base. According to a Statista, social media advertising revenue in the United States was US$36.14 billion in 2019. This number was expected to increase and exceed US $50 billion by the end of 2021.

It is also said that more than 80% of customers buy from brands they follow on social media channels.

Social media plays a very important role in business growth. But, Is creating a Business profile on social media will help you gain revenue? No, it’s not that simple. The hustle starts after this only; this step is known as social media optimization for small business.

Social media optimization is a complete process of different activities that continuously engage with new and existing customers, create brand awareness, promote products/services, increase visibility, maintain consistency, and much more. Successful social media optimization requires marketing strategy, techniques, and experience.

If you have already built your online presence through social media channels, but don’t know how to optimize it. Don’t worry, in this blog, we will tell you the top 7 Social media optimization tips for small businesses. 

7 Tips for Social Media Optimization for Small Businesses

1.Be Consistent

As a small business, it’s important to be consistent on social media. Before thinking about growth, you have to create a complete place for your brand on social channels. Too often, brands get discouraged when they see no results within a week. But, social media is not a game of a few weeks. It may be slow, but if you’re consistent, you can generate results.

Suppose a visitor lands on your pages and they see less or no content, he/she will quickly leave your page. You must provide proper information to a visitor who visits your page. Your brand page consists of enough content so that visitors can know about your brand, product/service, your brand voice, and what he/she can expect from your brand.

Being consistent is a really important social media strategy for small businesses because you’re at the starting age of your business. Hence, try to post at least one post a week.

2.Focus on a Few Key Channels

For small businesses, it may not be possible and profitable to build and maintain a quality social media presence on every channel. Also, it requires more resources that will end up with a high cost.  So, instead of publishing content on multiple social media channels, focus on one to three platforms that have your target audience’s demographics and go from there. Hence, focusing on a few key channels can be a more valuable and cost-effective social media optimization technique for small businesses.

In 2022, small businesses start their marketing through Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, as they provide quality leads. However, TikTok marketing is also becoming a popular marketing strategy for small businesses to generate results.

Note: TikTok marketing is more suitable for the Gen-Z audience.

3. Experiment with Different Content (Quality content)

As a growing brand, diversifying your content can be a good social media optimization strategy for a small business. Diversifying your content means publishing different kinds of content such as educational and relatable content. Hubspot Marketing Report says that educational and relatable content is more profitable for small businesses. For a starting point and to get attraction, you can start with this kind of content-

  • How-tos
  • Customer spotlights
  • Industry facts and updates
  • Behind the scenes
  • Trends (viral sounds and dances)
  • Product highlights
  • Q&As

Additionally, social media channels like Facebook allow you to post content in different formats that ultimately create user’s attractions.  It includes;

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Illustrations
  • Stop-motion
  • Live streams
  • Polls

4. Follow Your Competition

If you know your competitors, it means you know where you stand. And when you know where you stand, you know where you’re lacking and why your competitors are more successful than you. Ultimately, you can work on those areas to improve your ranking, online presence, value, profit, and customer satisfaction.

Following your competitors can also help in many other ways for social media optimization for small businesses such as you can research their marketing strategy and use it, or you can see on which platform they are growing much. All of this helps you to build your marketing strategy. But, this does not mean that you copy the marketing strategy. You cannot get success and reach an audience without a unique and different marketing strategy.

5. Define Your Social Media Strategy

A full-proof strategy is required to optimize your social media profile to get desired traffic and result. Without a proper strategy, it’s like going on the path without having a direction and destination. A strategy consists of different things such as audience, goals, platforms, and a marketing strategy.

Social media optimization strategy for small businesses is a complete process. You need to follow the process to formulate the strategy and analyze the results. In the end, if it gives you a valuable result, continue with it until you reach your goal, or if it does not give you a valuable result, you need to change it either partially or wholly.

The full-proof plan to create a social media optimization strategy.

  • Be clear with the goal.
  • Define and analyze your target audience.
  • Understand your audience. Research about their buyer person and buyer journey.
  • Start blogging. Publish relevant content.
  • Audit your previous social media performance. Learn from do’s and don’t from it.
  • Focus on key channels and diversify content.
  • Keep an eye on your competitor.
  • Create value for your customers.
  • Analyze your marketing strategy
  • Required editing or modification

6. Follow Trends on Social Media

Following trends on social media has proven to be a successful social media optimization technique for small businesses like Lush and MoonPie. Staying on top of social media trends helps brands to create relevant, and hot topics for the audience that ultimately creates audience engagement, clicks, visibility, traffic, and much more. As much traffic you will have on your social media channel, you will have the opportunity to bring them to your website and convert them into customers.

7. Analysis Results

Analyzing results is an important social media optimization tip for small businesses. Because, at the end of the day, when you analyze the result you will get to know the difference between the desired result and the actual result. This will help you to know where you need to focus and see if you can go with the same marketing strategy or if there is a need for a little change. Ultimately, you can better your marketing strategy to better your results.


The success of social media optimization for small businesses depends on many things such as what your marketing strategy is, what "results" mean to you, what you are willing to pay, what your audience wants, and your dedication. , commitment and consistency. Hence, you need to be patient.

But, let me tell you that without a professional marketer, social media optimization can take a lot of time. At Faith eCommerce, we have a professional and experienced team of members for social media optimization services. They can help you get better insights, design better strategies, and better grow your online presence.


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