7 Things Every Mobile App Needs

7 Things Every Mobile App Needs
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21 February 2022

As the demand for mobile apps continues to grow, there are seven things your app simply needs to succeed. Whether you're working on a new mobile app or want an existing one improved, these standards should be considered.

1) Data Collection

Take advantage of data collection opportunities that may not exist otherwise. If you're making an app to help people find local restaurants, why not include the ability for them to leave their own reviews? If your game is location-based, you should be able to collect information during a player's gameplay. The more data you have about your users and their activity in relation to your app, the better it will perform.

2) Social Media Integration

If you're building something useful, people will want to share it. Make this process easy by integrating social media with your app so that sharing becomes second nature for users. If your mobile game has some kind of achievement system, allow players the option to upload their achievements or high scores to their Twitter or Facebook profiles.

3) Responsive Design

Almost everyone will play your game or use your app while they're on the go. This means you need to make sure the user experience is at its finest when players are away from their computers. At a bare minimum, you should be able to adjust lay out elements for different screen sizes, resolutions and orientations; it's best to include multiple templates for both landscape and portrait modes.

4) Push Notifications

Using a service like Google Cloud Messaging, push notifications can be a great way to communicate with your user base while they're not using your app or playing your game. Just make sure you have their permission before sending messages so you don't come off as intrusive. Push notifications should be used to make players more aware of your product, not as a way to spam them into using it more often.

5) In App Purchases

In app purchases is the only monetization method that works for mobile apps and games. Users don't want to pay for features they may never use and ads can be disruptive to their gameplay. Make it possible for users to buy items that will improve the experience of using your app or playing your game, but don't force them into making purchases.

6) Customization

People want to feel like they're using a product that was made just for them. Offer customization options so users have the ability to adjust color schemes or settings to fit their individual preferences. If you're developing a mobile game, allow players to choose from different characters with unique stats and abilities. This way they can play your game in whatever way they want.

7) Micro-transactions

It's sometimes necessary to add in small transactions to help boost revenue and offset the cost of buying or maintaining servers. The best way to do this is by adding items that improve the player's experience, but don't give them an unfair advantage over players who make larger purchases. Selling custom skins or power-ups are both great ways to make money while also making your user base happy.

Remember, the goal of any mobile app is to provide a good user experience and allow users to have fun! These standards should serve as guidelines in helping you achieve that goal.

Zara Raza is the Marketing Lead at Sunvera Software. Sunvera is a local software development firm based in Irvine, CA, providing intelligent software solutions for small and mid-sized businesses as well as entrepreneurs and startups.

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