7 Ways to Grow Your Business Through Social Media

7 Ways to Grow Your Business Through Social Media
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03 November 2022

Not sure about which social media platform to choose for increasing your brand awareness? Or are you confused between video or blog to utilize more for audience engagement?

Let's begin with the statistics to learn more in detail. A study by Kepios says social media is experiencing around 4.74 billion social media users globally. This depicts that social media is the key to attracting and engaging more and more users worldwide. 

When you are aware of your target audience and targeting them via a suitable social media platform, it builds customer relationships. Also, implementing the right social media tactics can bring you direct sales. Besides, you can employ services of Social Media Optimization In Singapore or wherever your business is located. The experts can better take care of everything from social media presence to sales, customer relationships, and overall business growth

But first, we will cover the social media tips that you can implement to effectively market your brand.

Let's begin!!

How to Utilize Social Media to Boost Your Business Growth:

Understand Your Audience:

To make the most out of social media, you must first identify who your business will be serving and their needs.  

Now, how to do so is the question. 

Begin with exploring what search terms are used by the customers relevant to your business offerings. Find which questions are searched on Quora, Reddit, and other social media platforms for which customers are seeking the answers or resources. 

When you are done finding out the target audience, determine the platforms they are usually active on. For instance, people of the old generation follow Facebook more. The young generation is mostly active on Twitter and Instagram. Besides, you can see what your competitors are doing on social media. What content strategies are they implementing? All of this will provide you with some insights into utilizing social media to increase business exposure.

Create the Right Content for Varying Channels:

Different social media channels experience audiences of varying demographics. This is the reason creating content for various platforms accordingly is essential. 

Now, you might be wondering how to create content depending on the type of social media channels. Let's discuss it!

  • LinkedIn: It is a platform usually used by working professionals. You can post content in the form of infographics, blogs, news, videos, and tutorials. All of this will help in showcasing your brand's leadership. 
  • Instagram: It is a medium based on video content and, in return, offers a huge engagement. Many brands have already started seeing success with creating reels on products, sharing tips, or simply featuring the overall offerings. 
  • Facebook: It is one of the largest networks with roughly 2.96 billion users in the year 2022. It covers almost every type of content. For businesses, sharing memes, polls, user-generated data, and more works best for target audience engagement.

Publish More and More Video Content:

Whenever you open your most likable social media channel, you usually see all the content in the form of videos and less in texts and images. Isn't it correct? 

Even businesses have started posting videos on their website and less text or image content type. There is a wide range of ways to integrate videos on your social media platforms to engage the audience and grow the business. Some of them include documenting the next service or product launch of your company. You can share it with your followers. 

In simple terms, not utilizing social media for video content means you will lack customer engagement.

Target Facebook Marketing:

Do you own an eCommerce business? If yes, one great way to scale your venture is to utilize Facebook advertising. It will help drive as much traffic to the online store. Also, the active Facebook users at present are around 2.96 billion. Here, attracting most of the customers depends on what you are offering them to browse. If it meets their needs only then they will become your loyal consumers. 

Simply, convincingly marketing your goods is vital so that the right audience is targeted and offered the best deals possible.

Link Retargeting Can be Beneficial:

You can utilize the power of retargeting on a platform like Facebook. It is a process in which you use link retargeting for adding Facebook retargeting pixels to the quick link and sharing the content accordingly. 

Now, you might be wondering how it will benefit your business. Any user clicking on the content link shared will be retargeted with the ads relevant to their searches and are vital. You can target the audience who showed interest in your content link, be it the news, blogs, reviews, or anything regarding your business. 

This way, you can leverage content marketing and enhance the outcomes from retargeting Facebook ads. As it will be providing credible value to the potential audience.

Publish Content Consistently:

Let us take the example of LinkedIn. Like any other platform, it also focuses on visitor interactions. Of course, it is a platform for employers and working professionals. But, for them also, creating connections will be required.

In order to build strong relationships with your audience, it is important to maintain an active presence on social media and consistently update your content. Simply relying on notifications will not suffice in keeping up with audience engagement. To truly connect with your target users, it's essential to proactively send them personalized messages, create introductions, and share weekly articles or blog posts. One effective, low-cost solution for engaging with potential audiences is through guest posting. By submitting quality content to other blogs and websites within your industry, you can not only establish your brand as a thought leader but also increase your reach to a wider audience. It's a win-win situation!

Add Relevant Call-to-Actions:

Lastly, you would want to build a social presence to ensure your business sees new opportunities for sales every time. This requires an increasing following who can be converted into loyal customers. 

But the question is how will it happen?

One great way is to include CTAs in all your social media content. It can be done in several forms. For example, you can:

  • Use strong actionable words
  • Integrate pops with visuals or graphics
  • Offer time-specific deals and offers



No one can think of the world without social media. So, it is with the business owners. They can not expect to run the business without a social media presence. Social Media Marketing and other efforts are essential to ensure more and more audiences are engaged and business grows. 

Analyze your audience on different channels and use ad retargeting. Leverage Instagram's video content types and provide something valuable and unique to the audience. Besides, utilize Linkedin to build relationships with other professionals and increase engagement. You can not neglect the significance of the Twitter platform. It keeps you updated and engaged with the audience every day. 

So, what you need is to focus on social media optimization and leverage multiple platforms to showcase your brand. Thus, will be rewarded with increased clientele, sales, conversions, and business growth. 

Hope you find this write-up helpful!!

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