8 Clothing Websites Every Fashionista Should Know

8 Clothing Websites Every Fashionista Should Know
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05 November 2022

If you were to believe the experts, there is going to be significant growth in the e-commerce fashion market. There is a prediction by the experts that this jump can be up to 50%. And amongst these 20% will be online retail purchases. We already know that the online market has become huge and people prefer visiting those shops for added comfort and options.

And being a fashion shopper you will always want something new, something fresh, something that will keep up with the fashion trend. If you have the same mindset then you must make a note of a few websites that would give you first-hand fashion trends. So whether it is a custom design attire or a fashion accessory; you can try your hand at these websites.

So let’s have a look at these 8 websites every fashionista should know. More because it will keep you ahead of others who do not follow these.

  • Trendzoom

From the latest reports to the newest designs; Trendzoom is one of the finest places where you can have your fashion bug satisfied. This is a London-based company that is known for its reputation in the fashion industry. They actively participate in forecasting fashion trends and telling people what is going to be on trend in the upcoming season. They create reports for fashion trends in which they cover accessories as well as apparel for both men and women.

These reports are not only in written content but also contain sketches and images to make them more intriguing. With the artwork, it becomes so much better and you can understand things more closely. Also, they generate some in-depth reports as well that are later shared in the newsletters and fashion news on their website itself.

  • PrintShop by Designhill

Another very interesting and amazing clothing website that the leading fashionistas should follow is the Printshop by Desginhill. It is a website that will allow you to understand the variety and intensity offered in the custom clothing sector. They not only keep you ahead in fashion but also give you the chance of getting a customized t-shirt and other wearables.

  • Zara

Talking about the fashion industry and not including “Zara” in the list will be a bummer. Zara is a Spanish clothing brand that needs no introduction in the fashion industry. For men and women, it is one of the finest and most luxurious clothing brands in the world. But their inclusion in this list is not just for what they create but also for how they bring fashion into the mainstream world. Be it a simple T-shirt custom design or an entire attire for women, they are known for creating and promoting new fashion trends. 

If you are one of those buyers who wish to be a head of fashion and want to get hands-on fresh fashion wear before others then you should keep an eye on the website of Zara. Their homepage is very minimal and there are stylized banner images that will help you in navigating throughout the website. The entire website is easy to understand and navigation is also very on point. Nevertheless, whenever there is a fresh fashion stock coming to the market, they put it online first. 

  • Elle

If you are an active fashionista or someone who has a thing for trendy fashion items, you must already know about Elle. It is named amongst the revolutionary fashion brands that cover the upcoming fashion before many others. Although Elle has diversified itself and now it covers a lot of things, it’s main focus still remains the world of fashion and beauty products. 

If it is custom hoodies or an over-the-jacket of a different style- whatever new or fresh tends to come to the market- Elle gets its hand on it. This is the reason why it is one of the most popular digital and print magazines for women.

  • Vogue

Now Vogue is another name that needs no introduction in the fashion industry. If you have a keen interest in fashion and the revolutions that are caused by it then this name would already be on your list. Maybe you have already bookmarked the website of Vogue for knowing upcoming fashion news. But for those who haven’t; this is a very popular magazine that has almost 8 million print readers monthly. And this is just a rough idea. And the numbers are from a survey done alone in the US.

You might think, why are these names trusted? That’s because they’re not working to feature the upcoming fashion or friends but also a lot of fashion events and shows. They have a strong grip and gold in the fashion industry that inclines people towards them.

  • The Fashion Spot

Every person who follows fashion requires advice and guidance to understand a trend. Not everyone suits the upcoming or ongoing trend or fashion. There are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind regarding an outfit. The fashion spot is one of those leading websites that will help you in deciding whether a trend or an attire is for you or not.

If the market is being flooded by custom clothes then which of them is going to be the best one for you? Questions and doubts like these are answered by “The Fashion Spot.” This website has a very intriguing UI including the homepage. The entire website is cluttered free and you can easily navigate from one page to the other. There are a lot of beauty topics and fashion discussions that they have written on their website to diversify the content for every kind of reader. You can also check out the latest fashion events and runway shows that have happened in multiple places throughout the world.

  • The Impression

The next website that you should keep an eye on is “the impression.” This is one of the best websites where you can know about the trendy topics in the fashion world, some amazing attire designs, and a lot of other things ahead of that. When you come to this website you can check out the latest posts that they have put up according to the fashion reports and events that have been happening throughout the world. The website also presents an in-depth fashion report, news, and features about a lot of new things that come up in the fashion world.

With this website, you will not only know the upcoming and current fashion stuff but even more than that. It will keep you up-to-date on each and everything.

  • Olive Clothing

So if you want to be on the top of fashion then you need to follow people and websites that offer you that kind of content. All the clothing is one of the finest brands that can give you an insight into past fashion trends, ones that are going on, and even the upcoming trends. Olive clothing is a UK-based fashion brand that majorly focuses on synthesizing traditional European style with a pinch of modern fashion.

The entire website is very beautifully designed and you will have a lot of amazing content available on it. They also keep posting images and sketches on the website so that you have a rough idea of how the attire has to be worn.


If you are someone who wants to be ahead of their friends and family members in terms of fashion sense then these 7 websites are a must to be in your bookmarks. Do ensure that you keep an eye on each of them every now and then so that whenever there is a new buzz you are notified first. And if you want to open a marketplace of yours then you must connect to an expert to get the website up and running. Maybe PrintShop by Designhill can help in getting what you desire.

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