8 simple brain exercises that will keep you from degrading

8 simple brain exercises that will keep you from degrading
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05 November 2022

No matter how old you are, doing brain exercises is worth it for everyone to reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease in later life. It's fun and doesn't take much time.

To fully live life, you must constantly develop. As soon as a person stops learning something new and training his brain, he seems to freeze in time: all days are alike, apathy develops, the meaning of existence is lost. This condition can even provoke the early development of Alzheimer's disease. No one is able to predict whether dementia will happen to him or not. This syndrome disrupts the performance of the brain: a person experiences problems with memory, thinking and movements. That is, performing even the simplest actions becomes torture.

Alzheimer's disease can be diagnosed quite suddenly, no one is protected from the disease, not even celebrities. One of the provocateurs of the most common type of dementia is stress and overwork. To reduce the risk and prolong the youthfulness of the brain, and not yet degrade as a person, do these simple exercises for development and live a full life.

1. Write by hand

Modern technology is great, but we should not forget where we all started. An excellent simple exercise for the brain, which will not allow you to degrade or grow old ahead of time, will be writing by hand. By making notes on paper, you train your memory, increase your learning abilities, and also formulate thoughts without autocorrect prompts. You do not need to rewrite entire compositions, it is enough to write down thoughts or ideas several times a week. It will also increase your awareness and reduce stress.

2. Listen to classical music

Everyone knows that classical music has a great effect on the brain: when you need it, it will relax, but it can also increase concentration and increase efficiency. Try to work somehow, turning on the classics in headphones - you will immediately notice an influx of strength and energy. Listening to such music, by the way, can also be a pleasant and developing exercise, useful not only for kids, but also for adults. Study the melodies and try to identify the notes, if you know them, or the parts of musical instruments by ear.

3. Make small changes at home

We know how to navigate in space not only because of visual memory. Our brain creates an exact copy of the room in the head, drawing something like a diagram. Responsible for this are neural connections that are formed at the time of memorization. They sometimes need to be encouraged to upgrade. The easiest and most fun way to prevent yourself from degrading is to rearrange the room. In this way, you will force the brain to remember changes in space and create new connections that directly affect mental clarity.

4. Read constantly

Of course, literature. A storehouse of not only useful and interesting information, but also an easy way to keep yourself in good shape. When does human degradation begin? As soon as he ceases to be interested in the outside world. Because of this, the brain "dries up" over time. In order not to let yourself go dumb, constantly read something. It can be classical or modern literature, news articles or articles on a professional topic. Any set of letters that your brain translates into understandable words, and those into sentences, is a great exercise for its development. In addition, a well-read person is much easier to be an interesting conversationalist.

5. Visit new places and take unfamiliar routes

And again about neural connections that help memorize routes and not get lost in space. Another nice and easy brain training exercise is choosing new routes. When you constantly walk the same streets, repeat a set of actions or phrases, the brain starts to work on autopilot and not at full strength. If you abuse the routine, you can quickly become dumb. And new routes not only make the brain work, but also increase attentiveness, because it is always interesting to consider something unusual.

6. Play Sudoku or Solve Crosswords

8 simple brain exercises that will keep you from degrading

Or other puzzles you like. This is not only exciting, but also a good workout for the brain, which also increases erudition. The wider the outlook, the less the risk of getting stuck in a routine and starting to degrade. One of the reasons why people get dumb is boredom and the monotony of actions. If at least several times a week leisure in the family or with friends is developing, you can definitely avoid early dementia. Also, have fun, because communication improves mood and reduces anxiety and stress (see more about Sudoku for beginners - https://sudokuhit.com/ru/kak-igrat/kak-igrat-v-sudoku-prostyye-pravila-i-sovety/).

7. Do yoga or fitness

Many may be surprised, but physical activity also has a positive effect on brain function. For example, active fitness through efforts on simulators helps to get rid of negative emotions that affect the general condition and performance of a person. Yoga increases concentration and strengthens the vestibular apparatus, because many asanas require balance. Meditation is a sure way to unload the brain from unnecessary tension in the form of stress.

8. Train your sense of smell

An unusual and interesting way to stretch your brain and not allow yourself to slide into degradation is to develop the senses. We use our sense of smell all the time. Everything here is the same as with routes: if you hear the same smells, you can quickly get used to them. The best exercise is to learn something new. Try swapping out your favorite perfume for an unfamiliar scent, or experiment with spices in your cooking to make your meals smell different. This will also help you develop.

And if you are afraid that you have started to get dumb, you can check if this process is running, and if so, how much. Life listed 10 signs of the onset of personality degradation.

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