8 Tips for Improving Hospital Security

8 Tips for Improving Hospital Security

A hospital is where people come for medical care, often in a vulnerable state. So, even a minor mishap due to the lack of security can add to the stress and trauma of the patients and visitors, which shouldn’t be the case. 

That is why it is so important for hospitals to have strong security measures in place. And with hospitals, security doesn’t limit to just people but also the confidential information of patient records or otherwise. 

So, here are 8 tips on improving Hospital Security in Melbourne.

By the end of this article, you will understand how you can level up security measures in your medical facility.

1. Install surveillance cameras

One of the best ways to improve hospital security is to install cameras throughout the premises. Not only installing but they should be monitored regularly. It is important to use monitoring services so that someone always keeps an eye on what’s happening in the hospital.

Cameras prevent crime, and they also help to solve crimes that have already been committed.

2. Visitor screening

Visitor screening is an excellent way of increasing security at a hospital. Visitors should check in at entrances, and each entry point should have a check-in officer stationed there. 

With this, you can keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour and keep a record of any questionable visits. Your security personnel can deal with any issues if someone suspicious tries to enter the hospital. 

It’s a smart way to monitor who enters and leaves your property and to ensure everyone's safety.

3. Conduct background checks on all employees

It is also important to conduct background checks on all employees. It includes both clinical and non-clinical staff. You should know who you are hiring because a hospital is where people come in vulnerable situations.

Through background checks, hospitals can ensure that they are not hiring someone with a history of criminal activity.

4. Ensure sufficient lighting 

It is also important to improve lighting in and around the hospital. Good lighting makes it easier for cameras to capture footage. And it also makes it more difficult for suspicious people to hide. 

So, hospitals should install both outdoor and indoor lighting fixtures.

5. Strategic placement of security personnel

Another way to improve hospital security is by increasing security personnel. It includes both armed and unarmed guards. These guards can help to deter crime, and they can also provide help if something unexpected does occur.

Although most hospitals have security personnel, some are not using them to their maximum potential. Security personnel should be strategically placed at all entrances and in high-traffic areas. 

Security guards should also be stationed to watch sensitive locations and tense situations. You can also have security guards patrolling the facility to make sure every area is secured.

6. Security risk evaluation

A security risk assessment is something you should seriously consider if you want to increase the security of your hospital. 

A security company expert will visit your facility and analyse your security system. Later, they will recommend improvements, such as

  • Adjusting the location of your security cameras to provide better coverage. 
  • Determining which parts of your security system work well and which don't. 

You may examine your present security system with the aid of this security risk assessment.

7. Restrict access

Given the size of the hospital, it would be challenging to monitor every area. So, restrict access to certain areas of the hospital. But, public spaces like lobbies, waiting rooms, stores, etc. should be allowed. 

In this way, reducing the number of public-accessible spaces can enhance hospital security. Besides, you should also ensure that security cameras are installed in these places since the unexpected can happen at any time.

To further improve it, you may implement keycard access to enter these restricted spaces. This keyless entry may be incorporated into the ID badges, avoiding the need for extra equipment. 

8. Install an alarm system

Our final tip for improving hospital security in Melbourne is to install an alarm system. 

Alarm systems are tools to warn people in the facility when an emergency or threat occurs. So, they are essential in all hospitals as they minimise the risks in case of an emergency. 


These are some ways in which hospitals can improve their security. If it’s your first time considering security, you should start by hiring hospital security services in Melbourne. They will provide the required security personnel and guide you through the whole process. 

Bear the above points in mind and discuss them with your service provider. 

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