9 gadgets that will be useful for every car driver

9 gadgets that will be useful for every car driver

Video recorders, parktronics, navigators and other useful devices that will make the driver's life easier and more comfortable.

1. Video recorder
Disputable cases on the roads, the actions of miscreants and misconduct of traffic police officers - this is not a complete list of problems that a driver may encounter on the road. No wonder that DVRs are so popular. After all, the recording of road events can become the necessary evidence that will help the owner of the car to avoid false accusations or bring to justice the real offenders.

2. GPS-navigator
Modern GPS-navigators are able to search for requested addresses, plot routes, display data on traffic, parking lots, car services, gas stations and other objects relevant to the driver. With such a gadget, it will be difficult to get lost wherever you go.

3. Universal power adapter
It's unlikely that anyone will be happy if their phone runs out of power on the road. Luckily, there are car power adapters that plug into your car's cigarette lighter and charge the batteries of your mobile devices. Universal devices have USB ports and therefore are suitable for many gadgets, regardless of the model and manufacturer.

4. Blind spot mirrors
Anyone with even minimal driving experience knows that ordinary side mirrors do not give a full view of the space around the car. There is a so-called blind (“dead”) zone, which is not reflected in them. Additional mirrors, which are attached to the standard ones, can widen the angle of view to a greater or lesser extent. Such accessories are called blind spot mirrors.

5. Emergency exit device
The driver must be ready for anything. Including emergency evacuation from the car, if there is an accident and it is dangerous for life to be inside. For this, too, you can find a special tool. On sale there are key fobs that combine a knife for seat belts and a hammer for glass. Perhaps such a device will not be superfluous.

6. Auto vacuum cleaner
When it comes to cleaning the interior of the car, it is difficult to overestimate such an assistant as a car vacuum cleaner. This compact device will quickly get rid of sand, hair and other small but numerous debris from the seats and other surfaces.

7. Tire Pressure Gauge
Tire pressure level affects fuel consumption and responsiveness of the car on the road, which is why it is crucial to keep an eye on this indicator. Car pressure gauges are used for this task. Thanks to this gauge, the driver can quickly see whether he should inflate the tires.

8. Bluetooth adapter
If the car stereo does not support wireless connection with a smartphone, you can establish a connection between them with the help of a Bluetooth adapter. It will allow you to listen to music downloaded to your mobile device through the car speakers. The adapter is connected to the audio jack of the car stereo with a cable and to the smartphone via Bluetooth wireless channel.

9. Parktronic

Electronic parking system, or parktronic, helps the driver to avoid collisions with other cars and other objects in confined spaces. For example, in parking lots.
Parktronic sensors, installed on the bumper, determine the distance to the neighboring object and transmit to the monitor, supplementing the information with warning sound signals. Installation of such a system requires special knowledge, without which it is better for the car owner to request installation by professionals.


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