9 Reasons Why AngularJS Is The Best Fit For Responsive Web Development

9 Reasons Why AngularJS Is The Best Fit For Responsive Web Development

The advanced features offered by AngularJS in responsive web development are unparalleled. By responsive, we don't just mean faster loading in the initial phase, but also how smooth the transition between pages is. You have about 50 ms (0.05 seconds) to make a first impression in the eyes of your customers, no matter what device they use.

According to an article published by InvisionApp, 85% of users believe that a mobile website experience must be as good as a desktop experience. AngularJS, an open-source Javascript framework is one of the most preferred platforms for designing responsive web applications.

AngularJS offers many advanced features that you can use to take advantage of responsive web development. Here are some reasons why you need to consider AngularJS for responsive web development:

1. Easy web development

One of the most important reasons why businesses and web developers prefer AngularJS is the ease of web development. It frees you from the hassle of web applications by supplementing ng-model and ng-class, which are part of the regular classes in JQuery.

Additionally, you can use AngularJS to create two-way storage and data-binding tasks in just a few lines of code.

2. Optimized security

By choosing a security solution for your AngularJS application, you can ensure best-in-class security standards. In addition, you must employ state-of-the-art security capabilities for all ongoing sessions and prepare for injection attacks and irregular call patterns.

By releasing the Angular front end to a more prominent group of customers, you can prevent cross-site scripting attacks. You can also get CSRF security using the $http module in AngularJS Dev Services. However, you need to formulate your servers for this.

Angular is amazingly customizable, allowing you to implement external security libraries like OAuth.

3. Secure access management

When upgrading their applications to use AngularJS, most enterprises express concern about whether they can use existing security strategies to ensure access restrictions comply with departmental rules.

Angular is so flexible and adaptable that it gives you more options to use current domain systems in the security stream and application login wall.

4. Community support

The developer community knows that Angular JS is supported by Google. This further increases the popularity of the AngularJS framework. The developer community consists of highly talented individuals who can undoubtedly make excellent upgrades with the open-source Angular JS system.

Hundreds of webinars, meetups, and conferences are held around the world to attract IT organizations that developers have access. These meetings help developers to gain knowledge about new advancements and advancements in innovation.

5. Ease data Leverage

One of the main advantages of AngularJS is that Angular JS developers have no limits when it comes to data management systems. Angular applications are built on a RESTful API that provides clients with access to the underlying database.

Instead of using pre-existing internal APIs, you can use Angular as an alternative to your existing front-end code. This will allow you to quickly reuse server-side security.

Additionally, if you've already worked with a web application framework like Django or Rails on your alternative application, the migration will be quick and easy. This is how the "on-order" style of using AngularJS web development services makes your work easier.

6. Increased testability of web applications

You need to regularly update your web applications for successful execution and future issues. If testing a web application is difficult, you are more likely to miss current and future problems, and it will also be difficult to spot areas for improvement.

AngularJS makes web application testing smooth and easy. An excellent feature of AngularJS, Dependability Injection (DI), makes it easy to identify areas that require testing. Testing occupies a dominant position on the AngularJS official website.

There are plenty of resources on AngularJS testing that developers can use.

7. Facilitates parallel development

It's a well-known fact that multiple projects running simultaneously force developers to step on each other's toes. However, AngularJS helps you organize processes and run multiple projects simultaneously.

You can use trust embedding to collaborate with other developers by easily sharing scripts with them. It also allowed users to find modules they had previously created using Angular JS.

As an Angular developer, you can use various libraries to add new features to ongoing projects.

8. Quick and easy acquisition of expertise

A developer can easily learn Angular JS with a full-time job. Previous experience working with Javascript Frameworks such as JQuery or Backbone. J can further ease your learning journey. This will help you speed up the processes in your business and reduce the cost and time that the project will take.

9. Sharper and smaller coding

In general, the coding process requires a thorough understanding of the programming language and the skills to update complex layouts. You can use AngularJS to improve the whole process. Unlike JavaScript, AngularJS can also be used with HTML, further simplifying the creation of intelligent user interfaces.

Essentially, AngularJS allows you to do more with less coding, helping you achieve the results you want at a faster pace.

There is an increased interest in Angular JS in the field of web development. A number of companies in the recent past have started using AngularJS as a suitable decision for new activities. Several tech giants like Amazon, Google, Udemy, Lyft, and others have started using AngularJS web development services as part of their technology stack. This is a great sign for beginners and experienced developers new to Angular.


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