9 tips to get Instagram followers in short time

9 tips to get Instagram followers in short time
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30 November 2021

Everyone is chanting that the engagement rate is the most important point on social networks . Sure, but let's be honest, deep down we all want more Instagram followers . And this is normal, because to gain popularity on this great service for sharing pictures and videos , you must build a great community. 

 So I'm going to share with you my 9 tips to increase the number of your followers and boost your Instagram account . We will talk about the audience , publications of posts , work account regularity algorithm , statistics, hashtags ... And I will also unveil the method to literally go look for your future subscribers by the skin of their buttocks (do not hurt them, promised ). Spoiler alert: you will have to work a little! Here is how to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes for free. 


Having a lot of followers on your Instagram account is good, but the main thing is above all to build a community of quality users.  

To effectively reach your ideal subscriber, you need to know them inside out. 

 But who is he? To identify it, work upstream on your target and your persona . You must define the typical profile of Internet users with whom you want to work and to whom your content and offers are addressed. 

 Be aware that your target audience is your ideal future customer.


Publish content to serve your subscribers

All the content you post on Instagram should serve your ideal follower, regardless of the format: photos, carousels, stories, reels, lives, IGTV, etc.

Each of your Instagram posts should:

  • Answer questions that your audience asks (related to your topic) to provide advice and / or solutions.


  • Entertain, educate, make people laugh…, in short, bring value to members. 

To build a real relationship with your followers, you need to tell them about them by inspiring them, motivating them, etc. So bring up your personal life (meaningfully) only if:

 This has a link with your theme (like a lesson learned for example).

  • You are influencers.

Write effective Instagram posts

On this social network, the captions of your posts can be very short and simple. No need to write a thesis each time. What matters is answering questions and relieving your ideal subscriber's pain points (aka. What stresses them out on a daily basis). An effective Instagram post is above all a relevant post.

 To validate whether or not a post is suitable content for your target audience, ask yourself the following question: how will this post help and serve them? If you can easily answer this question, then you have the green light. If not, take the time to rework your content before sharing it. 

 Your posts should have a purpose. However, there is no point in philosophizing every day! The goal may just be to make your community laugh.

 To have more subscribers on Instagram, remove the fake from your life and especially from your posts! High value-added content must be "real" (are you validating the pun or not 馃槄 ?). 


It may sound obvious, but… separate your private and professional life. Create yourself (if you haven't already done so) an Instagram account dedicated to your business . This keeps you relevant in your post.

 If you have multiple business areas, you can have multiple Instagram accounts. 

 Your business account doesn't have to be boring or too “corporate”, on the contrary! Share moments from your daily life as entrepreneurs or influencers, and everything you do related to your business. Users love “behind the scenes” images. 

 Consider switching your profile to a “professional” account. For that, it's very simple, go to: 

  • " Settings ".

  • " Account ".

  • "Switch to a professional account". 

  • Then fill in the requested fields. 

 It's free and it gives you access to very useful features for your business:

Your store address may appear on your profile.

You have access to statistics about your account: posts that generate the most interest, the age of your audience, etc.

You can create ads to promote your content, etc.


Understanding how Instagram works is key to sending it positive signals. Let him know that you are using the platform actively and correctly, by diligently following the rules of the game! 

To be a profitable business, this social network needs you and your followers to spend as much time as possible on the platform (to watch ads and then attract even more advertisers, blah-blah-blah). So, play the game to get into the little papers of the algorithm.

Post as regularly as possible on Instagram. Ideally, once a day. Otherwise, the minimum requirement is three posts per week. If you are running out of ideas for being there all year round, follow the guide: Instagram 365. 

To help you be consistent in posting your posts, you can use free automation and scheduling tools like Planoly and Later. Facebook also has its Creator Studio which allows you to post on Instagram.

Organization level, for example, you can reserve a time slot for yourself once a month, or, every two weeks, to schedule your upcoming posts and thus have peace of mind the rest of the time.


For your Instagram posts to be effective, I advise you to monitor, through your statistics, the hours of online presence of your community. Then, publish your posts just before your followers show up. 

There is no hard and fast rule in this matter. The time slots for a strong presence on your account depend on your theme and your ideal client.

But, before having accurate statistics and being able to customize your posting schedules, you may notice that Instagram users mostly log in during their breaks. There is generally more traffic: 

  • Between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m.

  • Between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m.

  • After 6 p.m.

If you manage to spot that your Instagram followers are present at a certain time, it's a safe bet that your ideal subscriber has the same habits. You will then be more likely to see your post, and you will be able to have more followers on Instagram easily.


The feed is the grid containing all your photos on your Instagram account.  

To get more subscribers, your feed needs to be smooth and easy on the eyes. Instagram also takes this element into account to define the quality of your images. Its bots are even able to determine if a photo is blurry, poorly lit, etc. (same for your profile picture).

Instagram is investing heavily in artificial intelligence for image recognition. Robots are also starting to be able to spot if there is a human being in your photos, recognize objects, detect text, etc.

If you're not a great photographer (or just don't have time to take great shots), feel free to: 

  • Go digging into the free image banks. 

  • Go through the photo editing box.

  • Use free software like Canva to create your posts.

Your world should be identifiable at first glance. The harmony of your feed will make people want to follow you and take an interest in your content. 

This way, you will have more Instagram followers while improving the image of your personal branding .


Instagram's algorithm takes into account the comments and the engagement rate, that is to say the way in which Internet users will react to your posts.

Tell yourself that Instagram considers a comment to be about five likes in terms of importance in defining a post's engagement. So you understand that it is crucial to arouse the interest of your subscribers so that they take the time to comment on your publications!

A lot of times, your followers want to comment, but don't necessarily know what to say. So guide them. Give them a good excuse to write you a review by leaving the door open.

To promote this engagement on your account, ask a question at the end of each of your posts. It is not a question of opening a big debate. A simple, precise and rather open-ended question is more than enough. For example: Do you prefer tea or coffee? It may sound overly simple to you, and yet it is.

And please answer everyone. You've asked a question, so there's nothing worse than ignoring an answer. It would be like snubbing a potential customer. Remember, your subscribers' time is precious. When they have taken a few seconds to engage with you by commenting on your post, demonstrate your commitment to them in turn by replying to them. 

If you don't have any inspiration, or don't know what to write to them, a simple “thank you for your comment” is enough. And in the worst case, an emoticon will at least have the merit of proving that you have seen and taken into account their intervention.


Instagram gives you the possibility to put up to 30 hashtags per post. So do not deprive yourself of it: 5, 10, 15… 30! It's up to you to test what works best for you. 

Juggle between:

  • Location hashtags.

  • Niche hashtags on your theme.

  • Hashtags directly related to your post, your topic of the day.

 Avoid hashtags that are too popular to not get drowned in the post flow. 

Keep in mind, however, that hashtags represent around 10% of your Instagram strategy. This is not the most important element, but it can help increase your subscribers a bit.

It is the quality of what you share that is the most important point. Moreover, even without a hashtag, your content can be commented on, saved, liked and shared.  


Do not be afraid ! I don't advise you to force users to follow you by putting a knife to their throat! Finally, though.

In reality, it's really about getting your subscribers one by one. You know, there are a lot of people, in all the themes. You are therefore drowned in the mass, besides we are all (#sorrynotsorry).

If you wait and wait for the audience to find you, I have bad news for you: nothing will happen! 

 Here is a method to go directly to your target audience:

  • Locate user accounts that represent your ideal customers.

  • Go to their profiles to like their last three posts. 

  • Comment on at least one. 

  • And repeat this operation every day on several different Instagram accounts (without overdoing it, of course).

Do not hesitate to interact several times so that the members notice you (liking a single photo in a month is not effective).

Yep, I told you that getting more Instagram followers takes a bit of work! It is by showing your interest in your future subscribers that your account will grow significantly and qualitatively.

Regarding organization, you can, for example, block yourself 15 minutes a day to do so. Remember: you have to be regular to get results.

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