A 3-Step Checklist For Writing News Releases That Get Results

A 3-Step Checklist For Writing News Releases That Get Results
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A Three-Step Checklist For Producing Press Releases That Work

You've probably heard the term "news release." But what does that really mean? And why should you be creating one? We'll answer those questions and more in this three-part guide to writing news releases that get results.

First paragraph

In the first paragraph of your news release, you should:

  • Introduce the topic. This is where you give readers a brief overview of what they’re about to read and why it matters.

  • Provide a summary of how your company or spokesperson feels about the issue at hand. If you want an example, try using this formula: “We are pleased...” followed by one or more sentences that explain how important this topic is to them (and their company). For example: "We are pleased with our new phone app!" Or simply: "Our new app allows users to better manage their schedules."

  • Call out any recent developments related to this story so that readers know what's been going on since last time they checked in with their favorite sources for news updates on this topic—such as social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter; reputable news outlets; etcetera...

Second paragraph

The second paragraph of your news release should explain the how, what and when of your story. It's a great time to provide quotes from key people involved in the event, as well as other quotes that support your main point.

In this section you'll want to include a call-to-action at the end of this section: "If you want more information about our product or service," etc., etc., "please call our toll free number." You don't want anyone reading it thinking they need something before they read further; instead, give them an incentive!

Third paragraph

The final paragraph of your news release should be a summary of what you've learned and why it matters to your audience. It's also where you can call out any key takeaways, such as:

  • How this story connects with other stories on similar topics

  • What has changed since our last report (e.g., new data)

If possible, include some statistics from the survey or study that informs these findings—this will help readers understand the significance of your report more clearly than just listing facts from an article alone. If there is no specific statistic available in this context, feel free to use numbers from previous reports instead!

A press release with 3 parts that follows this format can help draw attention to your brand.

A sample press release template with 3 parts can help draw attention to your brand. It's a simple, effective formula that works for any industry. Here's how it works:

  • Use a catchy headline to grab readers' attention and make them want more information about what you're saying or showing off. The more people who read it, the better!

  • Create an introduction that explains exactly what the story is about in plain English without any jargon or confusing phrases—this will help readers understand what they're getting into before they start reading further down the page or following links on social media platforms (like Twitter). For example: "The new app was released this week at [time of event]." If possible, include a photo illustrating what you're talking about here too so people have visual confirmation of what they're looking at when reading through all those words again later on after taking some time away from their screens while they wait for whatever else might happen next."


Your event press release template needs to be about the story and not about you. Give readers a reason to read your news release. Make sure it's clear that what you're saying has been confirmed by third parties and is not simply speculation from your own team members or friends. And finally, provide an easy way for people to contact you directly should they have any questions or comments after reading this piece!

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