A Brief History of the Corvette Emblem

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Since its inception, the Corvette has gone through numerous design changes. Some of them are subtle, and some not so subtle. The Corvette's iconic crossed flags emblem has also evolved quite a bit, seeing a number of changes. You can find the best Corvette emblems on various online stores. If you have been careful enough and taken a close look at the emblem over all the generations of Corvette, you'll notice something incredible. You will see that even though the design has altered dramatically, a few design cues remain the same till date. The checkered flag form and a bow-tie emblem have remained the same. 

From time to time, a peculiar maple leaf type of insignia (fleur-de-lis) also shows up in the emblem. So, what is its significance and how did it all got started? Let’s look for the answer with the help of this article.

The first Corvette logo was designed by an interior designer at Chevrolet in the year 1953. This emblem was prepared to appear on the 1953 Corvette prototype model, which was introduced to the masses for the first time at New York's Waldorf-Astoria hotel in the month of January of the same year. It consisted of crossing staffs with the checkered flag on the right side, and the American flag was placed on the left side. But, something came up with the designers four days before the event and they convinced the Chevrolet management that it be redesigned. 

The major issue with the proposed design was that it included the American flag which is illegal for a commercial product use. Just before the show was about to start, redesigned emblems were attached to the front hood and also the steering wheel of the car. The brand new emblem consisted of the checkered flag on the right side and also the white racing flag, a fleur-de-lis and also a red Chevrolet bow-tie symbol.

You might be wondering as to where did the fleur-de-lis originate? At the time, Chevrolet was carrying out research on various emblem designs for both 1953 and 1954 passenger vehicles. They intentionally looked at the Louis Chevrolet family history as a desperate measure to find some kind of heraldry that they could make use of to design the symbol. The sad news is that they found nothing substantial, but they did realize that Chevrolet is basically a French name and the fleur-de-lis is a French symbol that symbolizes purity and peace. And the rest is history!

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