A Common Guide To Loose Diamonds For Sale

A Common Guide To Loose Diamonds For Sale

Loose diamonds are an excellent way to hold investments, travel with global market items, and collect for one-of-a-kind jewelry settings.  If you are looking into the market of loose diamonds, follow a few diamond selection tips before shopping so you have full diamond education.

Now, today is the most high-quality diamonds are sold as loose diamonds, not already set in a ring. That’s because when you buy a loose diamonds for sale you have more options: you can get exactly the diamond cut, shape, size, and quality you want.

The loose diamond can then be set in the exact engagement ring or jewelry design you desire in your exact size. It's one of the few occasions in your life when you can order exactly what you want.

Today you have thousands of loose diamonds for sale to select from an online store. And, thanks to online jewelry specialists like Gemistone Jewelers, you also can create engagement rings from scratch, either from an existing design tailored to your diamond or a unique custom engagement ring design.

Buying a loose diamond does not have to be complicated but you do have a lot of options to make. Here is buying information that will make sure you end up with the right loose diamond for you.

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What is a Loose Diamond?

A Common Guide To Loose Diamonds For SaleA Common Guide To Loose Diamonds For Sale

A loose diamond is a diamond that can be purchased without a setting. Loose diamonds are most typically purchased to be set into an engagement ring or other diamond jewelry; however, some individuals prefer to buy loose diamonds simply for investment purposes.

Loose Diamonds for sale are marketed to consumers in a cut and polished form. Some sites sell rough or ‘raw’ diamonds, but these are generally intended to be kept rough as a stylistic preference.

How to Evaluate a Loose Diamonds For Sale

When buying a loose diamond, make sure that you ask for a certificate, preferably issued by the G.I.A. (Gemological Institute of America).

A diamond certificate is the most useful source of verified information about the stone’s quality features.

Also, it’s good if the diamond is laser engraved. A laser inscription is the unique ID of a diamond and is also contained on its certificate. Just another way to make sure that the stone you are looking at is the same as the one described in the certificate.

The major quality factors you need to look at are the 4 C's of diamonds– Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat. A lot has been reported about these criteria, and each one of them warrants a separate article.

Here we will only try to give you a quick overview of the most essential things you should be paying attention to when evaluating these quality indicators:


The Frits factor is the Diamond Of Color. Make certain that the diamond is white (i.e. colorless diamonds). The more yellowish the diamond appears, the lower the color grading scale.


The Second is the Diamond of Clarity or Purity. Look for diamonds that do not have visible flaws inside them. Choose the stone with the lowest clarity, whose flaws are visible to the naked eye – the difference between. Such a stone and one of the highest clarity will not be noticeable unless you use a loop, but the clearest diamond will cost a lot more.


The diamond cut is the most significant factor. Be sure to see how the cut is graded and avoid diamonds graded poorly on this factor. Bad cuts will detract from the appearance of the stone by reducing its sparkle. The same is true for asymmetrical cuts; if the certificate includes a Symmetry grade, look at it and avoid stones with grades Good.


Last but not least, the diamond of Carat or Weight. How big you want your diamond to depend completely on your personal preference. 1 Carat diamonds are pretty standard. However, keep in mind that the larger your diamond is, the more expensive it will be; not to mention that if your diamond has visible flaws, they will be more apparent if it is larger.

Benefits of buying loose diamonds

You can buy loose diamonds at Gemistone Jewelers, thereby saving money. Buying loose diamonds online can save you even more money, as online prices tend to be more competitively priced.

Diamonds usually pass through the hands of several tradesmen and dealers before it reaches a retail store. If you buy loose diamonds for sale from an online source that buy at Gemistone Jewelers, you can reduce steep markups and avoid overpaying.

You can be guaranteed the quality of loose diamonds through internationally recognized certificates.

It is a smart choice to purchase loose diamonds, but it is equally significant that you purchase from the right diamond seller. Always buy loose diamonds from well-known diamond sellers to be assured of excellent quality and great service.

The Gemistone Jewelers is an online platform that can help you find the loose diamonds you are looking for. We take satisfaction in our expert purchasing service. Personal guidance can only be characterized as true, reliable, and trustworthy.

Only dealing in GIA certified diamonds, we go above and beyond to find you the type of loose diamonds for sale you are looking for - at the supreme quality and lowest possible price. The firm has proven its value since its establishment in 1990 and will continue to do so.

Is Buying a Loose Diamond a Better Way to Save Money on an Engagement Ring?

People willing to buy a diamond engagement ring often get recommendations to buy loose diamonds for sale. Why so? Is buying loose diamonds is a reasonable choice?

Yes, it is a significant suggestion; on the purchase of loose diamonds for sale you’ll be able to save a lot of money. Several online stores, such as Estate Consignments, have proven it to be a convenient process, as you can find all types of certified loose diamonds and gems for sale online on the website.


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