A Comprehensive Guide On Wikipedia Page Creation

A Comprehensive Guide On Wikipedia Page Creation
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Information is the key element for an innovative and improved world, it should be provided free of cost to everyone, this idea was believed by the makers of Wikipedia. They wanted the change to occur through them and hence, they rightly created the world’s largest online encyclopedia. They did face challenges building a global platform that provides free information anytime anywhere into existence. However, with their determination and dedication, they managed to do it.

Dreams do come true and today, Wikipedia is the only site that has information about absolutely anything or anyone in the world. You can access it in just a few clicks. Moreover, to make the process of knowledge gaining even easier, the site offers content in 104 languages of the world to be exact. Hence, with such convenient options, Wikipedia marks its name under the fifteen most visited sites of the world by Alexa with average annual views of 22.67 billion.

A Comprehensive Guide On Wikipedia Page Creation

The best part about Wikipedia is that it is a completely user-generated site, which means that the knowledge sharing is not bound with some limited individuals only. Anyone from any region or country of the world can contribute to the site by sharing their knowledge. However, in order to post the information, the Wikipedia community guidelines are to be followed religiously. Nonetheless, with all the security checks and rules, the platform has 53.31 million articles registered on it, out of which 52.07 million are pages.

The Step-by-Step Process of Wikipedia Page Creation

This is how the process is executed for creating a seamless page.

1.      Identification of the Aim of the Page

You first need to understand the aim of your page. They identify the purpose of your page and then only move ahead. For instance, if you want to start a page about your own self, then the purpose of the page would be to make aware people of your existence. Similarly, for every page, there has to be an aim and the Wikipedia writers would help you figure it out.

2.      Creation of the Account

The next step in the process is the creation of a Wikipedia account. What a lot of people assume is that a Wikipedia page and an account are the same things, however, they are not. A page is the last thing in the process and an account is a visa to be on this world’s largest online encyclopedia. You can also take help from Wikipedia experts who make sure to create an account for your page.

3.      The Reputation Building

This is an interesting step; reputation building. In order to stay on the site and get your page approved, you have to do at least seven edits with a four days old account. The Wikipedia page editing service can come into in this step. The editors do the respective task to create notability. Once notability is created, your chances of being approved by the site increase even more.

4.      The Feasibility of the Topic and Its Creation

Wikipedia is a huge platform with millions of pages on it. This means that the topic you have chosen may already be present on the site. Therefore, you need to take time out to check for the feasibility of the proposed title through the red link methods. A red link means the page name does not exist and you can continue with the proposed title.

5.      The Page Writing

The Wikipedia writing now comes into action. For this, you can either write content yourself or hire professional Wikipedia writers who abide by all the writing policies of the site and create engaging content for your audience. They make sure to

-          Have clarity in the content

-          Use common language for higher understandability of the audience

-          Be precise to keep the attention of the readers locked

-          Write unique and creative content for instant approval

-          Avoid all types of controversial statements regarding anything

-          Cite everything properly for the authenticity of the content

6.      Submission and Approval Process

Once the content is written and reviewed by the experts, the page is ready to be submitted.

7.      Regular Editing of the Page

In order for a page to be more visible and authentic to the people, you are obliged to update it regularly The reason for it is that the facts & figures do change with the passage of time, every now and then something interesting comes into the market and your page should definitely talk about it. Hence, with the Wikipedia editing services, the professional editors make sure to accommodate everything new in the content. The editing services include

-          Updation of the content overall

-          Editing of references on the page

-          Citation of the new sources used

This is all you need to do for a perfect Wikipedia page.


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