A look into the future of blockchain technology

A look into the future of blockchain technology
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03 September 2022

In the new economic realities, the development of IT solutions is a costly and risky process in which nothing is guaranteed in advance. To increase your chances of developing a good product, contact a professional it solutions company.

Pain analysis of the target audience for IT solutions

It is always necessary to start developing an IT solution with a study of the target audience. It is important to find out the needs of users: how much they need a new system and what pains it should solve.

This is a rule that cannot be ignored, regardless of the experience of the company - otherwise, the costs can increase several times, and it will take more time for development and testing.

Even if you are developing an IT solution to replace foreign software that was previously used by thousands of customers, be sure to study the needs of the audience and its real opinion about this software.

All applications have their drawbacks, and if you simply copy the functionality and interface that you find convenient, you may, on the contrary, face a backlash. Remember that if you do not analyze your audience and its pains, your competitors will certainly do it.

How to get the most out of IT solutions?

Before you start developing an IT solution, always test the demand for it.

Interview the audience: what pain do users have, what they want to get from automation in the first place, what functions they can do without, and how much they are willing to spend on using an IT system. It is useful to conduct surveys at all stages of product testing.

Understanding the audience and its pains is the key to cost optimization and the flow of loyal customers.

  1. Decide which automation approach (patchwork or complex) works best in your market.

  2. It will depend on what functionality you fill your solution with.

  3. When developing, it is useful to look not only at the pains of the audience and the decisions of competitors, but also at the trends along which the entire automation market is developing.

  4. Implement features aimed at the interests of not only the user of the IT solution, but also the end client of a small business.

  5. Think up front about how to make your solution available to an audience — especially in a time of crisis.

For example, consider a system of tariffs and possible discounts. If you understand that this is not enough, you can contact the specialized company Kiss. Software, they will help you find the golden mean for optimizing and minimizing the costs of your project.

Now the information agenda is changing very quickly, and new measures to support business, including in the IT segment, are introduced regularly. Try to follow the news: it is quite possible that in the near future, domestic IT developers will receive even more benefits from the state.

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