A new programming language has been developed for AI - it can be a breakthrough

A new programming language has been developed for AI - it can be a breakthrough

A programming language for artificial intelligence has been created that is "68,000 times faster than Python." Artificial intelligence can put millions of people out of work.

Developers have created a breakthrough programming language that will make AI much smarter and made it publicly available.

They have made open access the core components of Mojo, a programming language designed for writing artificial intelligence (AI) programs.

Mojo components make up the so-called standard library of the language. Mojo itself is positioned as an advanced alternative to Python, with which it is almost fully compatible.

According to the authors of the project, a program written in Mojo can run up to 68,000 times faster than if it were implemented using Python. As a result, the effectiveness of AI-based applications is significantly increased.

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Experts suggest that development companies that have access to the new language can become more active in creating new AI options and applications.

How dangerous is AI for humans?

Artificial intelligence allows solving many tasks without human intervention. But the breakthrough technology dreamed of by science fiction in the 20th century is also fraught with problems.

Experts in the field of AI, although neural networks will free millions of people from routine work, but 2024, which promises to be a breakthrough in the use of AI, may also be the year of the beginning of problems for many industries.

A striking example was the strike in Hollywood, when screenwriters, whom the studios began to replace with AI, were really afraid of losing their jobs and paralyzed the film industry.

It is unlikely that millions of people who work on a computer will be able to successfully resist the introduction of AI into their lives, which for many was the embodiment of ChatGPT.

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After all, artificial intelligence (which is "intelligent" thousands of times) threatens not only to simplify work for tens and even hundreds of millions of Earth's inhabitants, but also to leave them without it.

Is Modular digging a hole even for programmers?

Experts noted that not only designers and realtors, photographers and artists are at risk, but also programmers, who may be out of a job by AI.

Therefore, the company Modular, which received funding in the amount of $130 million from the GV Alphabet fund and other investors, is digging a hole even for itself.

The firm announced the release of its "breakthrough project" in May 2023, and in August made the Mojo programming language publicly available.

By April 2024, Mojo's user base included more than 180,000 developers and 55,000 organizations worldwide.

Opponents of AI hope that the new language will not cause an explosion of activity in the technology market: because of performance problems, users have to pay for multiple switches from one programming language to another.

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