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What is Yuan Pay Group?

Yuan Pay group software claims to be a far ahead platform that offers users right of entry to the Chinese coin. The Digital Yuan is a product of China's central bank and aims to digitise all transactions within the country. This platform allows users to trade Digital Yuan using an automated trading bot that uses far along algorithms to combined enormous puff data, analyse it, and make predictions following the digital coin price rises or drops. This perception is reportedly used to area trades on behalf of the user.

Yuan Pay: Our Verdict

  • Easy to use
  • Low minimum deposit
  • Exclusive entry to Chinese digital coin
  • Offers a demo account
  • Authorised broker

Who Created Yuan Pay Group?

Yuan Pay action has reportedly been developed by top software developers based in China who have ensured that the platform abides by the government's regulations to encourage safe and safe trading of Digital Yuan on financial markets. enhancement of this platform began sharply after the Chinese handing out had announced that it was functioning on developing a digital currency back in 2017. 

After years of expand and testing, the Digital Yuan was released earlier this year even even though forlorn a small amount of coins was released for examination purposes. People can use these coins in the manner of they use fiat currencies to buy goods and pay for services. They can plus be of the same opinion bills using the digital coin. However, the few coins that were released for experimentation are forlorn straightforward via attributed executive brokers. One of them is Yuan Pay action which, upon top of purchasing the digital coin using fiat, allows users to clash the coin taking into consideration further cryptocurrencies.

Pros & Cons of Yuan Pay Group or bitcoin system


  • Easy registration and avowal process
  • Quick appreciation time, which allows for fast achievement of trades
  • Supports a demo account which is good for beginner traders
  • Withdraw whenever you mood later than it, and the payment will be processed within 24 hours after submitting a request
  • It doesn't achievement any fees
  • Available from any corner of the world
  • Offers entry to an exclusive Chinese coin
  • Associates taking into consideration regulated brokers who have enough money permission to other digital assets such as BTC and ETH
  • Responsive customer support


  • The minimum accrual of $250 may seem tall for some users
  • It doesn't sustain many digital assets

Factors to declare back Using Yuan Pay Group

We've reviewed - and scored out of five - all of the most important factors you dependence to judge later than deciding whether or not to use Yuan Pay help software. Check out our scores below.

Payouts: 4/5

As an auto trader, the Yuan Pay charity platform claims to find the money for instant payouts, and the winnings can be withdrawn whenever one feels. Any period a winning trade is settled, the funds are deposited into your account. These funds can be reinvested or withdrawn. Users attest that the payouts are quick and steady.

Verification System: 4/5

Yuan Pay activity requires users to encourage their identities. This is one of the requirements of the Chinese management in the same way as it comes to those dealing taking into consideration the Chinese digital currency. Our team found the process relatively easy and fast. all one needs to realize is upload a photo of their ID/passport, proof of residence and a selfie. The documents will be reviewed, and if anything checks out, the account will be verified. From here, you are pardon to trade.

Withdrawal Process: 5/5

As mentioned above, the payouts are instant and genial for withdrawal. back the auto trader runs regarding the clock, funds can be taken out anytime one feels afterward decree so. The payment will be processed within 24 hours as per the site, and the funds will be deposited to your bank account or whichever platform you pick to say you will out the funds using. How fast they get to your account, though, will depend on the readiness at which your payment processor handles transactions.

Costs and Fees: 4/5

As an auto trader, Yuan Pay charity doesn't proceedings any fees. The platform lets users keep 100% of their profits which they can go without if they wish or reinvest to add their investment portfolio. The lonely fees one is traditional to experience taking into account dealing gone this automated trading bot will arrive from the payment processor you choose to fund your account using. And in this case, various processors will raid every second fees for their services.

User Testimonials: 4/5

For the sudden epoch this platform has existed, it has witnessed overwhelming reception within the online community. The fact that it offers permission to an exclusive Chinese token is seen as a big improvement by many users who wish to be some of the first investors of the digital asset. Our team discovered mostly distinct reviews online from various users, later many full of praise.

Customer Service: 5/5

This platform offers 24/7 customer maintain as any fine platform should. The customer support is quite responsive. They will accomplish out to you like you entrance an account to lead you on how to accrual funds into your account and use the auto trader. If this doesn't happen, don't worry, as the process is quite straightforward. If you get stuck, you can accomplish the retain via mobile, email or stir chat. If you compulsion hasty help, you can opt for the latter.  

Affiliated Brokers: 4/5

The auto trader works taking into consideration several regulated brokers to permit users to right of entry more digital assets such as bitcoin code, Ethereum and many others. You can use your Digital Yuan to entry these assets and gain exposure in crypto markets. These brokers allow one to trade CFDs using leverage. 

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