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Hi, I'm having an issue with hackers. I'm nervous.

I was playing on server I run using spigots with friends. I was just two people online chilling when a random player walked in. I asked the person who it was and he promptly logged out. After that, he sent me an SMS stating that he tried to log into the server but was unsuccessful and tried to log in. I realized something was wrong and went to my puffer panel , where I could find my server. I turned it off. I could see in the console that I was logged in again and a different user joined, so I gave him the op.

Since I have only ever managed survival servers with friends I am still a novice in the field of server management. I'm not knowledgeable about server management , so I don't know what I should do. What can I do to stop another incident from occurring? And what do I do? I've changed my Microsoft password, but I don't know what that means.

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How can you keep your mind engaged and participate on the server if you're also in charge of adminning?

Title says it all but tldr; How do you stay motivated/interested in playing on servers that you run while also being responsible for upkeep, config, fixing shit, resolving disputes, etc. ?

Longer version:

I started my first server for my community around 6-7 months ago. Since the time, we've had three servers. Most recently I made the switch from multiverse to a network to help spread the load and help things run more efficiently. I find myself playing in the hardcore world I created (still on the network, so I can chat and other things, but not on our main survival servers) more often than I do on the survival server.

One of my mods made a comment that servers die when the owner is no longer active. ALATORRE This has been causing me anxiety since she made it. I have noticed that the more I play, I receive more feedback from other players and the reverse is true. Some of this may be that I'm also a streamer, so folks are a part of the community via the stream and engaging with me and my content, and not just the server, but I'm struggling.

The only time I engage/play is when I set up something new or add new things I'm currently working on an RPG/MMO-style server that has custom mobs, quests, dungeons, and all that, but it feels like joining existing servers is a matter of asking answering questions and fixing issues for players, and not having fun.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Home Minecraft modded server


I'm planning to run a modded Minecraft server from my home. There is nothing public, but mostly a few friends I have, and my girlfriend. I have 6-7 computers total. The processor appears to be gone from my old computer. It's an old socket 1150 with 16GB of DDR3 RAM. I would recommend buying an the i5 4690 processor as it has the most efficient for the money I can purchase. It could run older versions of servers like 1.16.5 Forge server, with 50-120 mods, and vanilla latest version Server? (Not simultaneously)

Thank you for your assistance.

Luckperms 1.16.5 forge

Is there a Luckperms Version for 1.16.5 Forge, if not, are there any similar mods i could use

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