Advance Your Career: Free Continuing Education for Radiologic Professionals

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Radiologists must pass the ASRT or ARRT examinations to become fully certified. Then, they can start working in hospitals, laboratories, and clinics. However, their education doesn’t end there because the ASRT and ARRT require radiologic technologists to receive 24 radiologic technologist continuing education credits every two years. Failure to do so can result in them losing their license. As a result, ASRT continuing education courses have become necessary.

Advance Your Career: Free Continuing Education for Radiologic Professionals

Continuing education units, commonly abbreviated as CEUs, are essential for radiologist licensure. There are few ways to obtain these units as conveniently as what we at Apex Continuing Education provide. We offer free ASRT and ARRT CEUs that provide quality education for radiologic technologists online. Our courses will allow you to maintain your license by getting 24 radiologic technologist CE credits. In addition, they’ll also help you develop new skills and gain new insights.

Our diverse and innovative online courses can help you continue your education as a radiologic technologist. In addition, we’re certified by the ASRT and ARRT. Apex Continuing Education has been around since 1997. In addition, we also offer three free credits when registering an account with us, allowing you to continue your radiologic technologist education at a lower cost.

Free Radiation Protection CEUs

Radiation protection is a critical aspect of radiologic technology. Ourfree protection radiation CEUs ensure that you stay updated on the best practices and latest standards in radiation safety. These courses not only help you maintain compliance but also protect your patients and yourself from unnecessary exposure.

Fast CE Credits

At Apex Continuing Education, we understand the busy schedules of radiologic technologists. That’s why we offer fast CE credits that are both convenient and comprehensive. Complete your required credits quickly without compromising on the quality of education.

ARRT Approved Online Courses

OurARRT approved online courses are designed to meet the stringent requirements set by the ARRT. These courses are accessible online, making it easy for you to earn your CEUs from the comfort of your home or workplace.

California Radiology and Fluoroscopy Licenses

For those practicing in California, maintaining yourCalifornia Radiology and Fluoroscopy Licenses is essential. Our courses are tailored to meet the state-specific requirements, ensuring you stay compliant with local regulations.

Free Radiology CEUs

We offer a range of free radiology CEUs to help you stay current with your licensure requirements. Whether you need free ARRT approved CE credits orfree ASRT CE credits, our courses provide valuable education at no cost.

Advance Your Career: Free Continuing Education for Radiologic Professionals

ASRT Bone Densitometry Course

Specializing in bone density measurement? OurASRT bone densitometry course is perfect for you. Gain in-depth knowledge and earn the necessary CEUs to enhance your expertise in this critical area.

ARRT Certification Online

Looking to advance your career? OurARRT certification online courses provide the education you need to achieve additional certifications and expand your professional capabilities.

Free Radiologic Technologist CE Credits

Our free radiologic technologist CE credits are designed to help you fulfill your continuing education requirements without financial strain. Access high-quality education and stay compliant with ease.

Free CEUs for Radiologic Techs

At Apex Continuing Education, we believe in supporting radiologic technologists with free CEUs for radiologic techs. Enhance your knowledge and skills without the added expense.

CEUs for Xray Techs

Our platform also offers CEUs for Xray techs, covering a wide range of topics to ensure you stay updated on the latest advancements and techniques in radiologic technology.

California Fluoroscopy License

Maintain your California fluoroscopy license with our specialized courses designed to meet the state’s regulatory requirements.

Advance Your Career: Free Continuing Education for Radiologic Professionals

Radiology CEU Courses

Explore our comprehensive range of radiology CEU courses to meet your continuing education needs. Our courses are updated regularly to reflect the latest in radiologic science and practice.

Free MRI CE Credits

Specialize in MRI? Our free MRI CE credits help you stay current with advancements in magnetic resonance imaging without the financial burden.

Mammography CEUs

Our mammography CEUs cover essential topics in breast imaging, helping you stay proficient and compliant with industry standards.

Digital Mammography Course Online

Advance your skills in breast imaging with our digital mammography course online. Learn the latest techniques and earn valuable CEUs from the comfort of your home.

AI in Radiology Course

Stay at the forefront of technology with our AI in radiology course. Understand how artificial intelligence is transforming the field and how you can leverage it in your practice.

Computed Tomography Courses

Expand your expertise with our computed tomography courses. Gain in-depth knowledge and earn the CEUs needed to excel in this specialized field.

Advance Your Career: Free Continuing Education for Radiologic Professionals

Online Radiologic Technology Programs

Our online radiologic technology programs offer flexibility and convenience, allowing you to advance your education and career on your own schedule.

At Apex Continuing Education, we are committed to providing high-quality, accessible, and free continuing education for radiologic technologists. Join us today and take the next step in your professional development.

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