Advantages of a Free Zone Business in Dubai

Advantages of a Free Zone Business in Dubai

In the United Arab Emirates, launching a business is a comparatively simple and fast process. But a lot of entrepreneurs are apprehensive about establishing a company in the United Arab Emirates. This is due to the fact that a UAE national, also known as a partner or sponsor, must own 51% of the company in order to incorporate in the UAE. 

The UAE came up with the concept of Dubai free zone to make this easier. It has created a large number of free zones that facilitate fast company setup and draw in clients from around the globe. As a result, the economy of the nation benefits and there are more prospects for aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs.

Dubai free zones

Based on its primary commercial activities, the Emirates of Dubai have consistently divided themselves into a number of zones devoted to particular industries. Dubai-free zones attract foreign investors more quickly because they are tax-free zones. Currently, Dubai boasts over thirty free zones that branch out into every conceivable direction.

To encourage more foreign trade and investment, the government created a number of free zones in the United Arab Emirates, each overseen by a free zone authority.

Free zones are able to create their own company laws separate from those of the United Arab Emirates or the mainland.

Complete foreign ownership of a business is allowed in a free zone. 

The majority of the more than forty free zones in the United Arab Emirates are found in Dubai, which serves as the country's financial and commercial center.

As a result, business setup in Dubai is simple, particularly in the free zone areas that provide numerous advantages. 

Benefits of the Dubai Free Trade Zone 

Total Foreign Ownership

The ability for total foreign ownership is one of the most obvious advantages of establishing a free zone company in the United Arab Emirates. This implies that the foreign investor can form a company without the need to find a sponsor who is a national of the UAE. The foreign owner is the sole proprietor of the business and is not dependent on any local sponsor. It is possible to own property abroad regardless of the investor's nationality.

No Limitations on Currency

The government imposes currency-related limitations on the exchange of foreign currencies through currency regulations. For that reason, foreign businessmen find it easier to conduct transactions in UAE free zones since there are no restrictions of any kind regarding the use of currency.

Exemption from Import/Export

Free zone jurisdictions in the United Arab Emirates are exempt from import and export duties. This will draw import and export companies and play a major role in cost savings. This facilitates maintaining ties with other nations and advancing global trade.

Complete Repatriation of Earnings and Capital

The businesses are qualified for complete benefits upon repatriation. Profits and financial assets are also included in this. This indicates that the foreign individual is eligible to return home with all business profits.

Simple Hiring of Workers

The labor recruitment procedures can be carried out by the free zone companies in an economical and efficient manner. Employers are permitted to hire foreign nationals.

Simple and Easy Business Incorporation

The procedures for incorporating a company in a free zone are simple. Compared to other jurisdictions, you could complete the licensing requirements in a few days, which would greatly simplify the setup process.

Easy Immigration Process

Time is saved by the effective immigration services linked to UAE Free zones.

There are a number of additional advantages as well, such as the following:

Income and gains from personal or corporate sources are 100% tax-exempt.

fifteen years of corporate tax exemption, with a further fifteen years to extend the exemption

No upfront payment is necessary.

Simple access to transportation systems by road, rail, and air

markets for prepared consumers in Asia and the MENA region

Benefits of Dubai Free Zone Visa in a Nutshell 

Dubai-free zones attract investors and business people due to their strong infrastructure, freedom of doing business, and significant tax savings.

Examining the options available to businesses in a free zone can help them identify new and improved growth prospects.

The free zone draws businesses seeking to invest in start-ups and facilitates the acceleration of business operations. 

benefits of free zone businesses in Dubai aside from this. While each free zone has its own advantages, there are a few shared advantages, such as the one just mentioned.

Benefits of Dubai Free Zone Visa for Workers  

The best conditions for business setup in Dubai free zone, which are furnished with cutting-edge facilities, duty and tax exemptions, first-rate business amenities, adaptable government regulations, and unparalleled infrastructure. If, however, you believe that's where it ends, we have some encouraging news. Both the employers and the employees gain a great deal from it.

No Cost Certificate

After being fired, any employee is entitled to a certificate detailing their employment history, character, etc. This boosts their credibility and makes it easier for them to find new employment.

After their employment is terminated, they receive compensation from the designated free zone.


The general rules govern how gratuities are distributed to employees who work in free zones.

Airline Tickets

It is a requirement in most free zones that employees receive round-trip airfare tickets to their residences at least once a year; if not, they will receive tickets to their residences upon termination.

How can we Help?

Free zones in Dubai give investors a variety of options for investments as well as the freedom to choose a company structure that best suits their particular goals and demands.

Your entrepreneurial dreams can come true with the knowledge and resources of Flying Colour business setup, Dubai. Please get in touch with us, even if you just need some cordial guidance.

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