Advantages of Using Inbound Travel Agents When Booking Airline Tickets

Advantages of Using Inbound Travel Agents When Booking Airline Tickets
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05 October 2021

The world is abuzz with news about travel agents Sri Lanka. As if realizing a latent potential within the tourism industry, foreign tourists are flocking to Sri Lanka like never before. While the country offers the traditional charm of a warm, inviting country, it also provides travelers the convenience of having their own personal travel agent. Let us take a closer look at this developing trend.


Almost every large city in Sri Lanka, whether it is Galle or Port Louis, has its own travel agents. These travel agencies are now coming up not only to cater to the local market but also to tap into the national and international market. Although the service they offer is not much different from the ones available in major cities of the west, they have managed to create a unique niche by offering ticketing options for even the most remote areas of Sri Lanka. For instance, there are many places in the country that are virtually inaccessible by road. But, travel agencies have realized that these remote spots are ideal locations for tourist boards that offer flight tickets for fewer price ranges.


Another striking development taking place within the tourism industry in Sri Lanka is the rise of "model agents". These travel agents are private individuals who not only offer travel tickets on the spot but also make bookings for bulk travel plans. Most countries in the world have experienced a surge in the growth of such independent agents. But, while these independent agents started working independently, not many were willing to put in the time and effort in the travel industry. This led to a severe lack of available tickets and a dire need for people to book flight tickets through the services of the travel agencies.


With the help of travel agents, an increasing number of people are opting for airline ticketing in Sri Lanka. The airline ticketing market in Sri Lanka has witnessed a boom in the last few years. This is because most people prefer using the services of travel agents instead of dealing directly with airline operators in the country. The Sri Lankan government has made it mandatory for all airlines operating in the country to have their ticketing system operated by a third party. While the airline operators in Sri Lanka have welcomed this measure, they are facing stiff resistance from several organizations claiming to be the voice of the people. Some of these organizations are even promoting illegal airline ticketing, which is considered as a clear violation of the law.


But, there is a way out of this dilemma. One can seek help from the several inbound travel agents in Sri Lanka. Since many people prefer to deal with them through the internet, it is easy to find one inbound travel agency in Sri Lanka. A good travel agents in Sri Lanka can also help you save time and money when looking for plane tickets. The best part about finding an inbound travel agent is that he/she will offer better deals than airline ticketing agents. These travel agents can source best possible deals on cheap flights and discount accommodation as well.


Another benefit of availing the services of travel agents in Sri Lanka is that they can offer a wide range of services, including flight booking, online reservation, accommodation reservations, car rental services, and sightseeing tours. Another important advantage is that you will never feel lost since you will be in touch with your agent at every step. With so many options available, finding an inbound travel agent in Sri Lanka is the best way to book tickets online.

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