Advice on Cleaning from a Jewelry Spa Day

Advice on Cleaning from a Jewelry Spa Day
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20 October 2022

We're going to speak about how to clean your jewelry at home today. No, you don't require equipment used by cleaning professionals. You don't need to take it to a jewelry store and pay them to do it (or worry about whether you are getting your diamondback). Below are several quick mending and cleaning techniques. We're assisting you at home by utilizing our expertise in the production of beautiful jewelry. Whether it is a made-to-order item or pre-made. Stop it now if you've ever received praise for a ring or pair of earrings only to immediately apologize that they require cleaning!


Advice on Cleaning from a Jewelry Spa Day


Keeping Your Jewelry Clean

A piece of jewelry you adore and wear frequently inevitably becomes a little soiled. Here is a quick and easy way to keep everything tidy. Use a toothbrush with gentle bristles in a bowl of warm water. By doing this, any collected soap scum will be removed, restoring your gemstones' brilliance and ability to catch the light. A gentle dish detergent can help if you need to clean anything better. Just be sure to rinse thoroughly. Please don't simply use the sink; also use the bowl. Having soapy, slippery hands near a drain that you're hoping to plug? Ideally not. I'm not sure where some of the myths about cleaning supplies originated. Just let me mention that toothpaste and promise are not recommended.


Taking Your Gold Chains Apart

Gold chains with knots? To help the knots untie, shake them while holding them freely. Use tweezers to separate the threads after that. It's better to avoid pulling on the ends because this makes the knot tighter. Be tolerant. This is a wonderful one to complete leisurely and while watching television. Because of the knot, have you worn that pendant for a very long time? It is prepared for re-wear.


Advice on Cleaning from a Jewelry Spa DayAdvice on Cleaning from a Jewelry Spa Day

Unsecured Earring Backs

An earring back, often known as an earring nut or a butterfly, may occasionally get loosened with use. In this instance, use a pair of pliers or a pair of tweezers and gently squeeze the two loops together. This will tighten the grasp on the post (stick).


Advice on Cleaning from a Jewelry Spa Day


Diamonds or Lose Gems

Pick up your beautiful jewelry and shake it if you think one of your gemstones might be loose. Is it rattling? Is it clicking? There may be a loose gemstone if you can hear these noises when you hold it close to your ear. We strongly advise that you return it to the retailer or designer at this time. Any reputable jewelry brand or retailer should stand behind its work and be eager to make it right. It's still worthwhile calling them to inquire even if they don't offer a guarantee. Stop wearing it in the interim! It's possible to tighten a loose diamond. However, nothing can be done if it slips out and is lost. Fortunately, those are unusual because we create everything ourselves. Additionally, we oversee each stage of production. To learn more, get in touch with us immediately.

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