After About 3 Stock Cow Hides

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This runescape 99 range F2P guide will assist you get to 99 easily and quickly to kill the creature you want to F2P. This guide is just four steps long and should be simple for the majority of people to follow.
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Buy an arrow, a long bow, arrows in bronze or iron arrows, and go to kill cows east Falador to obtain their cow hides. After you have 3 stock cow hides and you'll need to purchase an oak long bow and arrow with the money he received from GE from selling cow hides.

Next, you will need to take out the level 7 Dark Wizard south of Varrok. After the level 30 mark, you'll have from 20-100k from the sale of the runes, as well as some tailsments. Next you should buy an maple longbow and some steel arrows.

You will need a brass key to get into prison. After killing giants , you will get their bigbones and fall and fall each time, and limpwurt roots that fall sometimes. When you reach 40, purchase d'hides as well as a willow longbow for more XP.

The final step of this guide runescape 99 range F2P is 70-99. In this step you must kill the ice warriors as well as ice giants that are found in the dungeon to the south of Port SARIMA. Burybigbones, as the bank is too far away for you to travel back and forth.

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