AI Applications In IT Industry - Role & Transformation

AI Applications In IT Industry - Role & Transformation
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Somebody once said that soon we would be living in the future, which is not a very wrong statement. We are technically living in the future, and all this is thanks to technological advancements.

Robots are walking around us and making our day-to-day tasks all the way easier. However, the most important and progressive impact has been since the time AI or Artificial Intelligence started to get incorporated into Information Technology.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the best things that have started to exist in the recent decade.

To keep it simple, it is the intelligence that is demonstrated by machines and robots that are human-made. They mimic the intelligence of humans and also the way they perform activities and other tasks.

The term ‘artificial’ has been associated with their name because they showcase intelligence that is not their own. Rather, they simply mimic the intelligence of humans. They exhibit the way we, humans, do things and how we think.

In recent years people have started to use AI in the field of Information Technology.

What Is The Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Information Technology?

It is well known to us that Artificial Intelligence is a part of computer science. This field of computer science creates machines that are human-like and do most of the tasks that we humans can do.

However, at the same time, they are also capable of doing several things at once. For example, they can carry out the task of analyzing multiple data throughout the day, and that too much faster than humans. This is because, unlike human beings, they do not get tired and have almost no physical restrictions.

Here are some of the AIs that have become a part of the IT or Information Technology:

1. Service Management AI (AISM)

There are several AIs or Artificial intelligence that are used in the management of several computer services in the companies and corporate sectors in general. One of the main reasons for that is because the companies need to deliver more and more products or services as the years go by.

Given the fact that there is a lot of demand compared to the employees who are going to provide the solutions, companies have started the use of AISM (Artificial Intelligence Service Management).

These AIs not only help the companies to deliver satisfactory results in bulk but also do the needful within a very short time.

2. Fraud Detection AI

One of the major things that AI takes care of in the field of Information Technology is the detection of fraud. Unfortunately, this issue has become an increasing problem because of the rise in the rate of cybercrimes.

Technology has made it easier for us to detect if there is any fraud in the system or if there has been a breach of privacy.

There are many AIs that several companies use to ensure that they are protected against cyber theft or fraud. For example, Machine learning is a useful tool that can help companies to recover and store data at a much faster rate.

Studies and research done on Machine Learning show that they have the ability to recognize the behaviors that are fraudulent in nature. In this way, even if any data is stolen or misused by a malicious hacker, the Information Technology Department can easily identify them and recover the data.

3. Hill Climbing Algorithm

Many companies have started to use the Hill Climbing Algorithm. It is a form of AI that is used to reach the best solutions possible.

Using this AI has helped companies to increase sales and arrive at efficient solutions in terms of marketing.

In other words, the Hill Climbing Algorithm is a form of AI whose peak keeps increasing unless the best solution is reached.

4. Business Automation AI

Automation is the process in which several tasks of the companies can be automated. One of the most efficient things to do in business is to automate complicated and time-consuming processes.

In this way, many companies have started using Artificial intelligence to perform tasks and to help them in business automation. With the rate at which technology is improving, we can easily say that within the next few years, machines and computer systems will run everything that needs the help of humans.

Final Words

Artificial intelligence or AI is something that we all have heard of before. It is the use of human intelligence and simulation to make robots or machines work. They are programmed in such a way that these machines are able to mimic the actions and the ways in which humans think.

Lately, people have started using AI in Information Technology, and this has the power to transform the future and everything it holds.

One very fine example of the use of AIs in the field of IT is the use of Conversational Artificial Intelligence which is used in the form of chatbots.

In case you were searching for the role of AI or artificial intelligence in the sector of Information technology, we hope that you have found this article to be of help. Furthermore, if there are any other queries related to the same, feel free to let us know by commenting in the box below. Till then, stay safe and stay well!

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  1. Sandy

    This article analyzes the benefits of AI applications and how they have the potential to transform various industries. Jais Frank! Thoughtful narration! From search engine quick suggestions to smartphone auto-focus, and shopping mall robot greeters to vehicle cruise control, AI-based systems are being used in our daily lives in various ways. It is being used in service management, fraud detection, business automation, etc. AI is being integrated into a large number of software like RPA, Security software, Office suits, Fintech Software, Analytics software, CRM software, Music and Video Streaming applications and many more to handle user data and improve user experience to the next level.

    To make this feasible AI testing is also an essential element in the entire process of AI applications. At this point, I would like to share a few more articles that would shed more light on the topic discussed.

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