AI Trends to Watch for in 2022

AI Trends to Watch for in 2022
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) appears to be firmly rooted atop the list for Chief Information Officers (CIOs) among the diverse technologies with the ability to bring considerable value shortly. Indeed, nearly 95 percent of CIOs, CTOs, and technology leaders polled by IEEE concurred that AI will lead the majority of innovation in practically every industry sector over the next one to five years.

The year 2022 will mark the transition of AI from experimental to vital. "The emphasis will move more toward AI-enabled transformation that tackles more key corporate problems with enterprise solutions.

Most CIOs will be challenged by this. Outside the technology leviathans, many business IT firms are still in the early stages of implementing AI. One of the significant difficulties for CIOs is to ensure that they are engaging in the proper use cases that provide the highest ROI, especially given the breadth of AI application."

Trends to watch in artificial intelligence

Against that context, there are several emerging AI trends developments that IT leaders should keep a sharp eye on this year.

Robotic process automation

The prospect will be more organized. Using modern process discovery technology, enterprise leaders and AI engineers can visualize their organization's automation potential. "Though not solely focused on automation prospects, these technologies will deliver process-related insight that cannot be obtained through any other methods. Process mining, task mining, and the next conversation mining enable "lean on steroids," according to Butterfield, allowing the enterprise to construct an RPA pipeline more autonomously.

Effective supply chains

In the future, smarter supply chain applications will become the norm rather than the exception. From producers and consumers forecasting to digital supply chain management, supply chains in 2022 would need to be continuously transformed, AI-enabled, and, most critically, future-proofed.

Metaverse and AI

The term "metaverse" refers to a cohesive persistent digital environment in which people can collaborate and play together. This is among the vital trends in AI, which is a virtual environment, similar to the internet, but with a focus on facilitating immersive experiences, which are frequently produced by the users themselves. Since Mark Zuckerberg spoke about building it by combining a virtual learning environment with the social roots of his Facebook network, the notion has become a hot issue.

Customer-centric AI

The epidemic increased adoption of AI, which is one of the vital artificial intelligence trends in customer-facing professions such as virtual agents," Everest Group's Joshi said. "This will continue, but with a higher level of maturity and more complicated use cases."

Augmented workforce

A point of concern in the adoption of trends in AI is that technology or machines will replace human employees and possibly render some occupations obsolete. However, as businesses try to build information and Intelligence cultures among their teams, people will increasingly find themselves working with or alongside computers that leverage smart and cognitive capability to augment human abilities and skills. AI systems assist employees by providing predictive maintenance –predicting when machines will require servicing or repair. Businesses will increasingly use tools that assist us in knowledge industries such as law.

IT productivity transformed by AI

The future's more complicated and sophisticated IT environment is too much for human IT professionals to handle alone. Another area of greater AI deployment will be managing modern systems that CIOs are constructing. These systems could be governed solely by people.  AI will enable the observability, interaction, and deep analysis required for these systems.

According to predictions, in 2022, CIOs will also begin to explore AI applicability into the engineering organization to radically improve developer productivity. This field has been studied for a long time but significant progress has just been made.

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