‘Akhanda’ Movie Review | Trailer, Release Date, Cast |

‘Akhanda’ Movie Review | Trailer, Release Date, Cast |
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Murali Krishna(Balakrishna) Is an extremely well-known and respected citizen of the tense Anantapur district. Things get problematic in his area when a mine owned by Varadarajulu(Srikanth) creates massive problems for the poor. Murali Krishna confronts Varadarajulu however, he is arrested tragically. As the goons cause more trouble for the family of Murali Krishna, Akhanda(Balakrishna as Aghora) arrives to help everyone. Is this Akhanda? What is his history? And how does he help everyone in what is the story behind Akhanda.

Akhanda Reviews:

After Legendand Simha the director Boyapati Srinu and actor Balakrishna join forces for their third movie – an all-flashy masala entertainment which is solely based on the main character’s star-power. The story’s plot is diluted because of an unintentional screenplay, and the entire cast is left in the dust to the NBK (including the character he plays). The result could have fans screaming “Jai Balayya” for hours, but it’s not a surprise that Boyapati doesn’t deliver his promise.

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Murali Krishna (Balakrishna) is a popular man living in the conflict-ridden Anantapur. A farmer, he makes his money to construct hospitals, and to strike when necessary, and also help change factionists so that they can care for the environment and stop using violence. His character almost seems to be an ode to the direction Balakrishna will take in his role. District Commissioner Saranya (Pragya Jaiswal) is determined to make corrupt police officers accountable and probe into the wrongdoings within her district, with the help of the Principal Secretary for Environment, Forest, and Climate Change, Padmavati (Poorna). The majority of the time is spent discussing the way Saranya loves Murali and they build an intimate relationship (after an odd flirtation which takes place in the form of the seatbelts Taati Kallu and the telugu tanam) This isn’t the story they tell.

It is the tale of his long-lost sister Akhanda (Balakrishna in the role of an aghora or a baby) who is separated of his home by an Baba (Jagapathi Babu) due to an obligation to fulfill. It is believed that he was born to correct the wrongs committed by Gajendra Sahu (Niitin Mehta) an infamous, brutal man who manages an ashram and pretends to be holy to hide his crime. The other character in the story there is Varada Rajulu (Srikanth) who is another brutal man who engages in illegal mining for uranium in Nallamala in the disguise that copper mining. When those whose lives Murali promised to defend are taken away, and Saranya is forced to fight for the survival of what’s left of her family. Akhanda embarks on a battle to bring the day back.

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