All about the Innovative robots that are used in industrial plants

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All about the Innovative robots that are used in industrial plants

The past decade has been a time of innovation where everything was developed to meet human needs, especially inventing things. To help people like robot innovation with a variety of technologies, Robots have spread almost everywhere. Be it hospitals, universities, schools, or even our own homes. And of course, the place where robot innovation is used the most is inevitably the industrial plant.


Country with Manufacturing of automobiles and electronic tools is one of the important exports that make various industrial plants need a lot of workers. But with the problem of labour shortage and some jobs are redundant. Or risky and dangerous work Innovative robots that can work continuously, more accurately and faster than humans. It is also tolerant of the environment. Therefore being used instead and let human beings take control instead.

At Youibot present, investments in the robotics industry are still increasing. Both ordering robots and hiring personnel in line with the demand in the market to increase production capacity including maintaining the robot to be ready for use at all times.

The more innovative new robots how much came out will only increase the variety of work and allow operators to produce a variety of parts faster, such as automation systems in newer robots, Iota systems that allow multiple robots to perform the same job by order from one person.



Whether the factory is big or small if you want to increase production efficiency and reduce costs in the long run, however, the use of robots is inevitable. The innovations of robots in factories are as follow.

Multi-purpose robot

Most multipurpose robots in factories are developed primarily as robot “arms”. Both in order to pick up and send the work smoothly can also be equipped with equipment to perform other tasks such as assembling the work piece in detail various audit work.

Generally, multipurpose robots are built to perform well in confined spaces. Light weight, environmental resistance, such as robot, requires less installation space. And it works quickly. Flexible the dust and drip resistant housing is ideal for working in tight spaces. What's more, it supports automation, making it easy to issue orders, no matter how detailed the job is.

Welding robot

The welding robot looks like a robotic arm with a steel welding head at the end. Usually works with a conveyor system that sends materials into the distance. The robotic arm will connect the material at various points automatically according to the settings which can be done more accurately than humans.

For example, the Youibot Robot is specially designed for electric welding. Which can bear weight up to 20 kg and has a reach of 2 meters, can be used for both electric welding Laser welding, soldering, or cutting of various types.

Robot sporting goods and materials

A sorting robot is a robot that is commonly used in industrial plants, which have developed robots to sort goods in their own factories. Instead of using humans to work

·         Sort products into boxes

·         Prepare product packaging

·         Arrange the boxes on the pallet.

·         Lift pallets to various points of the factory.

Transportation of materials in the factory

Of course, many of these types of robots will be able to move freely in their workspace. To pass materials or work pieces to humans or other robots In addition to moving on the ground there is still an idea to develop a robot in the form of a drone. Up to carry cargo in the factory by flying as well.

Security monitoring robots

The more the industry develops Safety is even more important. Many jobs are too risky for humans to perform or are in places that are difficult to reach for the general public. For those reasons, the security monitoring robot the factory plays a role such as. Electrical system check with infrared or other detection devices to ensure that there is no leakage of electricity Inspecting materials in the factory, such as a robot to check the thickness of a chemical tank.

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  1. Precitools
    5 months ago

    Robots could be installed in hazardous environment in chemical, mills, critical temperatures where really humans cannot make daily job. So something could be replaced by robots, something is impossible to achieve without automation solutions.

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