All about World’s Renowned Asian Shows Streaming Website: Dramacool

All about World’s Renowned Asian Shows Streaming Website: Dramacool

With the advancement of technology, you can enjoy your favorite shows without even paying. That being said, Dramacool is a streaming site that lets viewers to stream an array of Asian movies and shows in HD high definition and with English subtitles for free of cost.

The website offers a large library of media content, which includes movies and shows that originate from Korea, Taiwan, China, Hongkong, Japan, India and Thailand and has a friendly user interface, and also offers an additional app for downloading to your mobile device.

The homepage categorizes the content based on origin and genre, such as Dramacool Chinese drama or Dramacool Korean dramas. It it also features a search function located in the upper right corner.

Is Dramacool Secure as well as Legal?

Dramacool draws content from various sources to provide users with the ability to access Asian content. From first impressions, the Dramacool website as well as the Dramacool app appear to are hosting pirated content.

The positive side (for those of you) is that, even it's true the legal responsibility is usually is on the person who owns the site. However, different countries have different copyright and piracy laws and therefore it is best to stay away from downloading any content that looks suspicious or is pirated..

For security, using the website on your own is generally secure, provided you know what to be on the lookout for. In contrast to other sites that are this good, there aren't many pop-up advertisementson Dramacool.

How do you gain access to DramaCool without risk?

Since its launch, the website DramaCool is blocked by a number of countries. To gain easy access to the site it is necessary to connect to a VPN. It is highly recommended to use VPN when you visit DramaCool.

When you connect to VPN? What happens when you use VPN can be described as a channel will be used to channel the entire traffic as well as the server will be maintained by the VPN you choose to use. It is the VPN provides your devices with an IP that assists in keeping your activities from being traced by outside agents.

Top Alternatives of Dramacool

Top 10 Websites to Check Asian Series in 2022


In 2022, there's sure to be many new and rerun Asian shows to catch! Here are 10 most popular websites in order to keep up with every new and most popular:


  1. Netflix:


Like always, Netflix will have a impressive choice of Asian series to stream in 2022. The most anticipated shows are season two of The Headhunter's Table, as in addition to new seasons of fan-favorite series such as Kingdom as well as Hello Ninja.


  1. Hulu:


Hulu is another great streaming service that allows you to catch up on Asian shows. Alongside a variety of excellent titles that will debut by 2022. Hulu is also streaming the eagerly anticipated the third series of Miss Sherlock.


  1. Amazon Prime Video:


Amazon Prime Video is another excellent option to stream Asian series. A few of the anticipated series on Amazon Prime Video are season three of The Legend of White Snake and season 2 of The Untamed.


  1. iQiyi:


iQiyi is an Chinese streaming platform that provides an extensive selection of Western as well as Asian series. The most loved shows that will be streamed through the service in 2022 comprise Meteor Garden, Nirvana in Fire along with The Journey of Flower.


  1. Viki:


Viki is another top streaming service that is ideal for Asian shows. Alongside a vast range of dramas, Viki also has a variety of shows exclusive to only be watched via the channel. Some of the most anticipated shows available on Viki to 2022 will be season 2, The Untamed and season 3 of Legend of Fuyao.


  1. Kocowa:


Kocowa is an Korean streaming site that has an impressive selection of K-dramas and Asian series. The most well-known titles that are scheduled to be streamed on the platform by 2022 comprise Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Strong Girl Bong Soon and Goblin.


  1. Viu:


Viu is an online streaming service based in Hong Kong which offers a wide choice of Western as well as Asian series. A few of their most well-known series that are scheduled to be available for streaming on the platform by 2022 comprise My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, The Legend of the Blue Sea along with Descendants of the Sun.


  1. WeTV:


WeTV is an Chinese streaming provider that provides an impressive selection of Western and Asian shows. Some of the most-loved shows that are scheduled to be streamed through the platform by 2022 comprise Meteor Garden, Nirvana in Fire along with The Journey of Flower.


  1. Dramnice:


Dramanice is another great streaming service that is free for Asian shows. Alongside a vast range of shows, Dramanicealso offers a selection of exclusive shows which are only available through the site. There are a variety of asian series for free on Dramanice.


  1. Kissasian:


Kissasian can be described as a streaming service for free that has a huge collection of Western as well as Asian series. The most well-known series that will be available to watch on the service by 2022 are My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, The Legend of the Blue Sea as well as Descendants of the Sun. However, if you are interested in only watching anime visit Kissanime.


These are only a handful of the many choices that are accessible for streaming Asian series from 2022. Make sure you visit one (or all) of these websites to keep informed about the latest and greatest news from this world of Asian television.

Frequently Answered Questions About DramaCool

Can the content download?

DramaCool is a fantastic website that, in addition to streaming films and series at no cost, also offers users the option of downloading at 480P resolution which is the best quality to stream series and movies.


Do subtitles accessible?

In addition to offering a broad selection of films and series that have other languages in addition to English, DramaCool goes the extra mile to provide viewers the option of English subtitles for viewers.


Are subscriptions required?

No, you do not require a subscription. The website offers content for accessible for viewing at no cost. However, make sure you have secure access with the VPN.


Does the site free of virus?

Yes, the sites are free of virus, however, sometimes you may face pop ups and annoying ads. Other than those ads, dramacool is 100% free of viruses and malwares

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