All You Need To Know About Knee Replacement Surgeries

All You Need To Know About Knee Replacement Surgeries
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03 August 2022

If you are suffering from any kind of damaged or worn or diseased knee joint then you must be familiar with the overall concept as well as the procedure of knee replacement surgery. Knee replacement surgeries or also popularly known as knee arthroplasty is typically referred to the surgical procedures that are aimed towards resurfacing the damaged or worn or diseased knee. Different metal and plastic parts are generally used to cap the ends of the bones which form the knee joints. 

People suffering from severe arthritis or severe knee injury are advised to go through knee replacement surgeries by their doctors. If you are suffering from the aforementioned medical conditions and is being advised to go through such surgical procedures, in that case, this article is going to be very useful for you as we are going to give you a brief overview regarding the whole concept of knee replacement surgeries. A few of the most important pointers which you need to consider before opting for such surgeries, have been listed down below:

What is knee replacement surgery?

Knee replacement surgeries are basically the surgical procedures that significantly help people who have damaged or diseased knees, to relieve pain as well as restore the functions. These procedures typically involve cutting away the damaged bone and the cartilage from the thigh bone, shinbone, and kneecap. 

In addition to this, it also includes replacing the damaged bones and cartilage with an artificial joint which is popularly known as prosthesis. In an interview, famous knee replacement surgeons in Livonia claimed that the best artificial joints are typically made from metal alloys, high quality plastic and polymers.

Why is this type of surgery usually done?

Although there are a wide range of reasons and medical conditions based upon which doctors suggest their patients who are suffering from knee problems of various sorts for getting knee replacement surgeries, the most common three reasons are discussed below,


It can be considered as one of the most common types of arthritis which is usually caused by the wear and tear of the knee joint. Past research and studies have proven that this type of arthritis typically affects people who are above the age of 50 but a few knee replacement surgeons in Livonia have claimed that younger people can suffer from it too.

Rheumatoid arthritis

It is also known as inflammatory arthritis and damages the knee joint by the membrane surrounding the knee joint that ultimately leads to the knee joint becoming thick and inflamed.

Post-traumatic arthritis

This type of arthritis is typically caused due to a severe knee injury or accident. When the bones that surround the knee joint brake or the ligaments tear, it significantly damages the knee cartilage.

So to conclude, it can be said that people who are severely suffering from the aforementioned medical conditions are generally advised to get knee replacement surgeries. 

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